maio 15, 2019 - maio 16, 2019
ESOMAR APAC 2019 (Macau, , )
In 2019, we'll be bringing together the biggest crowd of innovators, influencers and insights professionals from the Asia Pacific region to celebrate your impact.
maio 15, 2019 - maio 17, 2019
Consumer Insights & Analytics Summit (Mumbai, India) (Mumbai, Maharashtra, India)
Discover New Frontiers in an Absolute Disruptive, Competitive & Dynamic Business Environment through Cutting-edge Insights & Analytics
setembro 07, 2019 - setembro 11, 2019
ESOMAR Congress 2019 (Edinburgh, , Scotland)

This is where creativity, innovation, and insights collide.

ESOMAR Congress has been at the forefront of showcasing data, research, and insight innovation for over 70 years, and 2019 is no exception.

novembro 26, 2019 - novembro 28, 2019
AdTech Tokyo (Tokyo, , Japan)
ad:tech tokyo is Aisa’s largest marketing conference. It’s one and only opportunity to introduce your service at Asia’s largest marketing conference.

Upcoming Webinars

abril 24, 2019 - abril 24, 2019
Putting the Custom into Communities while Remaining Agile
Today's communities can be designed to deliver precisely the insights you need, when and how you need them. Elevate the voice of the people that matter most while offering a dynamic experience that’s exciting to members and showcases the companies value in it’s customers, employees, and more.

We'll show you how beneficial communities can be, no matter your industry, no matter your need for insights.

Past Webinars

maio 11, 2017
Think Globally, Act Locally – What you Need to Know about Conducting Research in the Middle East
We will look into the region/market size and opportunity, and discuss what brands look to understand/consumer insight.
dezembro 13, 2016
Discovery the benefits of automated concept testing with PowerConcept
Be one of the first to get an exclusive look at PowerConcept, Toluna’s fully-automated, real-time concept testing tool accessible on the Toluna QuickSurveys platform.
Presented by:
Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Digital Products
Wednesday, November 16 | 2pm EST
outubro 19, 2016
Online Communities Fuel Brand Growth
Join Toluna for a webinar dedicated to exploring and maximizing the value of branded communities, along with the latest, most innovative applications for community approaches. We’ll dive into the customer experience and learn about what keeps community members engaged, and will hear case studies from brands like BBC Worldwide, and more!
junho 30, 2016
Agile Research Pays Off for SONY, CVS, VOSS Water and Many More
In a highly competitive global market—where consumers are more apt to post impressions of products on message boards and on social media—companies and marketers need to take advantage of actionable customer sentiment in real-time to ensure the success of any new marketing or product campaign. Agile research, from instant ad testing to campaign tracking to “in-the-moment” insight collection, is pivotal for many companies, and makes possible new insights that fit into smaller and smaller windows of time, and are actionable.
In this Webinar You'll learn:
1) How agility helped change behaviors
2) Course correct during a campaign
3) How agility helps all clients invest in “the right” tactical plans
For SONY, agile research helped ensure success for an important launch of the company’s new, 4K TV. Early-stage purchase feedback needed to fit within a window of 4 weeks, given the product lifecycle and marketing push.

For CVS, real-time consumer sentiment is critical to making in-store decisions, and optimizing performance. Again, agile research plays a critical role in this effort.

Presented by:
Mark Simon,
Managing Director, North America and Managing Director Digital at Toluna

Peter Shafer,
Senior Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at Toluna
Thursday, June 9, 12:00 pm
junho 08, 2016
Offer your clients branded communities - become a PanelPortal re-seller today!
The role of the traditional researcher is changing, and clients are expecting more and more from their trusted research agencies. Above all, the ultimate goal is to uncover breakthrough insights, and there are new tools and technologies available enabling us to do this better than ever. Including panel communities in your offering provides an opportunity to develop strategic partnerships with your clients and increase your long term margins and revenue and future-proof your relationships with those clients.
Attend this webinar and learn how :
Market research firms implement communities in behalf of their clients and providing more strategic insight

Companies can use qualitative insight to co-create, and obtain new insight.

New developments in market research communities, features and more.

Move away from the traditional idea of ‘asking people what they think’ to ‘listening to what people think’ – and learn how you can benefit from new insight and develop strategic partnerships with your clients - increase your long term margins and revenue and future-proof your relationships with those clients.

Presented by ;

Steve Mossop
President, Insights West, a progressive, full-service marketing research company that offers insights-driven solutions via leading-edge tools and normative databases to public and private sector clients in Western Canada. Incorporated in the Spring of 2012, Insights West now has about 20 employees and has one of the largest, most engaged online consumer panels (25,000 people) in Western Canada. Insights West has publicly released over 150+ different opinion polls on topics diverse as municipal and provincial elections, bridge tolls, bike lanes, charitable giving, gas-fracking, road safety, cyber-bullying, employee satisfaction, smart phone attitudes, and many other topics.
We have developed a normative database of 400+ companies based on 100,000 interviews for our "Brand Reputation Insights" model, which tracks corporate reputation and digital interactions with brands. Insights West has also created normative databases for Employee Satisfaction, Creative Testing & Tracking, and Alumni Engagement to provide context for client scores.
Steve was previously President of Market Research Canada West within Ipsos-Reid for 17 years managing approximately 30+ client service staff and a $15M business through offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Milton, Houston and Seattle.

Tavita Sawh
Pre-Sales and Account Manager, Branded Communities

Wed, Jun 8, 2016, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST


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