Toluna Digital Tracking is a single-source permission-based solution that provides unprecedented real-time insight into online and mobile consumer behavior.

Used alone, or in combination with other research methodologies, behavioral data with Digital Tracking provides the most robust insight available in the market today and drives intelligent business strategies.

Benefits to using Digital Tracking

Digital Tracking helps companies optimize their marketing channels, reduce costs, and increase ROI by understanding where consumers really are online and uncover inefficiencies or new opportunities to maximize marketing spend.


  • Online Journey & Path to Purchase
    Digital Tracking provides a clear, distinct roadmap of the route consumers take to make a purchase - helping you to understand their ever-changing buying patterns.Behavioral data with Digital Tracking helps you determine exactly how target consumers find your products and those of your competitors, while accurately mapping their route along the way.
  • Digital Segmentation & Consumer Online Profile
    Drive intelligent business strategies with rich online profiles and robust market segments developed from behavioral data. With behavioral data, you can see online daily routines, time spent on apps/sites per vertical, top apps by usage to name a few.
  • Brand Awareness & Competitive Landscape
    Brand awareness data that is collected through Digital Tracking helps companies understand if consumers are engaging with their brand, with competitors, or both.

Global End-to-End Digital Tracking Capability

  • Full range of study capabilities - Use digital tracking for all study designs from qualitative to quantitative DIY to full service
  • Richer premium panel profiles – marrying demographic, behavioral, and now mobile device centric information.
  • Digital Tracking is available in 12 markets - US  •  UK •  Brazil •  Italy •  France  •  Germany  •  Spain - India  •  Australia  •  Singapore  •  Thailand  •  Indonesia