Technology fuels everything we offer our clients. We’ve built a game-changing digital platform that can deliver rich insights in real time—and it’s completely transforming the way companies do business. Our on-demand platform sets us apart from competitors who have fragmented and disparate tools (even though many try to sell them as a seamless solution). We’re the real deal. TolunaInsights is the only end-to-end platform where audiences, surveys, communities, and analytics are completely integrated with one another, and Toluna’s global Influencer community, accessible to clients through one interface, empowering the adoption of agile research approaches, enterprise-level research programs and ultimately better and quicker decision-making.

Toluna QuickSurveys provides 24/7 on-demand access to millions of global consumers, and real-time reporting with an easy-to-use, real-time survey tool. We pioneered QuickSurveys in 2009 and this DIY survey platform provides support for fast-fail decision-making, and so much more.

TolunaInsights™ underpins everything we do. Clients can access the platform directly, leverage Toluna’s managed services, or create fully-customized digital consumer insights programs via our engineered services.

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