貴社が調査を必要とする時はいつでも、トルーナがお手伝いいたします。当社のプログラマーは24時間体制で対応可能であり、どんな複雑な調査もすぐにプログラミングすることができます。あるいは、当社のQuickSurveysを活用して貴社独自の調査を実施することも可能です。トルーナをどのように活用していただいたとしても、リアルタイムでデータ収集が可能な点と、Toluna Analytics™によるレポートを受け取れる点は変わりません。こうして収集したデータは、行動の根拠となるインサイトとなり、最終的な意思決定を支えます。


General Ad Hoc Surveys
General Ad Hoc Surveys

General Ad Hoc Surveys

Count on Toluna to Program your survey quickly and efficiently.

  • Mobile optimized
  • Active, passive and contextual data
    integrity measures
  • Multi lingual/multi country
  • HTML5 dynamic, interactive questions:
    Advanced analytics; Max Diff;
    Discrete Choice; Segmentation
  • Demo
Ad and Multimedia Testing
Ad and Multimedia Testing

Ad and Multimedia/Creative Testing

Toluna tests over 10,000 ads, ad copy and concepts every year, however you want to evaluate a design, we’ve got you covered.

  • Heatmap
  • Image highlighter
  • Text highlighter
  • Shapley Analysis
  • Bradley-Terry

Concepts are highly secure and we leverage SafeView™ to ensure individuals cannot share confidential concepts.

Menu Boards/Shelf Set
Menu Boards/Shelf Set

Menu Boards/Shelf Set

Toluna knows there is a difference between Consumers and Shoppers, our tools let you evaluate Shoppers decision process.

  • Multiple virtual shelf set options simulate
    in-store shopping.
  • GEO fencing allow for real world
    in-store assignments via our mobile app.
  • Online shopping experiences can be
Brand Tracking
Brand Tracking

Brand Tracking

Toluna has a team dedicated to servicing tracking studies, and providing recommendations on wave intervals, frequency, and methodology migration.

Our transition teams work to establish consistency of;

  • Sample sources and definitions
  • Quotas
  • Survey design

Real-time access to data via TolunaAnalytics – be aware of changes as they happen. 



Toluna’s Healthcare Practice has been providing healthcare and pharmaceutical researchers with global access to physicians, pharmacists, nurses, medical professionals of all specialties and ailment sufferers since 2000. 

  • Access to Rare (Orphan)
    Patient/Caregiver Groups in a controlled
    environment through
    Toluna’s Point Of
    Care Offering.
  • Access to quick insights among HCPs
    and Patients through Toluna’s Rapid
    Results Rx Offering.
  • HCP/Ailment Communities (both Quick
    and Long Term).
  • Advisory Board of Physicians that can
    help answer questions pre survey or
    while designing screener
Leveraging Additional Data
Leveraging Additional Data

Leveraging Additional Data available via Mobile

Digital tracking of online Behaviour

  • Complete view – participants’ Behaviour
    is tracked across devices
  • Visibility into browser and app activity,
    including SKU level information while
    shopping or streaming and real world
  • Analysis based on actual, rather than
    reported Behaviour
  • Behaviour determines classification,
    survey participation and survey content

Mobile Diaries

  • Mobile app engages respondents on the
    fly making it easy to remain engaged.
  • Supplement data with photos, video,
    UPC scanning and more.

Customer Experience Measurement

  • TolunaCEM is transforming the way
    companies look at Customer
  • Our approach enables individuals to
    participate when, and how they choose
    – mobile, PC, IVR and more.
  • What makes the Toluna practice unique
    is our ability to incorporate Toluna's vast
    digital insights portfolio including bespoke communities, mobile, and digital tracking. - this approach allows for a complete view of a consumer's experience both with their brand and the competition.


Clients can ascertain a consumers willingness to purchase products at certain price points,
and which attributes are most desirable.

  • Pricing - Determine what features a
    new product should have and how it
    should be priced.
  • Product Development - Focus product
    development on client needs.
  • Alternatives - Explore a customers
    response to alternative pricing strategies,
    specific price levels, and proposed price
  • Path to Purchase – The path to
    purchase contains multiple touch points
    to influence shoppers decisions
  • Simulator – Our custom, interactive
    simulator provides an easy to use
    interface for exploring the impact each
    combination of variables has on

Toluna uses Sawtooth and can design Conjoint, Adaptive Conjoint, Discreet Choice and Max-Diff exercises based on your
needs, or field a design you have created.