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oct. 24, 2011
Toluna lance TolunaAnalytics™ (communiqué en anglais)
Toluna launches TolunaAnalytics™

Advanced Survey Reporting and Analysis Tool for all Toluna Products

Wilton, CT, USA: Toluna, one of the world’s leading online survey respondent and technology providers, announces the launch of TolunaAnalytics™, the company’s proprietary, web-based data reporting and analysis tool. It will be a standard feature for all program & host and full-service data collection projects, and within Toluna’s PanelPortal™product line. “One of Toluna’s key differentiators is its ability to leverage technology to improve the speed and depth of insight available to research professionals,” states Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna. “We have designed TolunaAnalytics™ to access and analyze survey responses within minutes of survey deployment, in line with our strategy of increasing the value we provide to our clients through technology.”
“TolunaAnalytics™ provides users with the ability to weight data, to create their own cross-tabulations, and to prepare personalized PowerPoint™ presentations at the click of a button. It is easy-to-use and compatible with all browser types and devices, whether they are computers, Smart phones, or tablet PCs,” adds Mark Simon, Leader Global Technology Products. “It is a great example of the power technology has to reduce the time required to make important business decisions. Toluna makes it real.”

Product highlights and key features of TolunaAnalytics™
Easy-to-use/quick access to data:
Easy-to-use and visually engaging data reporting tool. Robust, real-time data presentation ideal for monitoring studies even during the initial stages of project field. Quick access to verbatim responses.
Full compatibility with all browser-types, Smart phones and tablet PCs.
Single platform for reporting and analytics.

More control: 
Ability to weight data. Create cross-tabulations and export results.
Drag-and-drop data into PowerPoint® to create personalized data presentations with ease.

Stay tuned for feature and enhancement announcements


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