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Executive Team

  • Frédéric-Charles Petit
    Chief Executive and Founder


    Frédéric’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands and consumers engage with one another, with the ultimate objective of transforming the market research industry into a real-time, mass market and social experience.  Today ITWP helps companies anywhere in the world make clearer business decisions by bringing brands and people together via its streamlined research platform and the world’s largest social voting community,  

    Frédéric, and his team, acquired several companies over the course of Toluna’s development, and has grown the company from one individual based in Paris, to a global company of more than 1,200 staff in 21 offices on 4 continents.

    Frédéric is an industry visionary, and speaks often among industry leaders about the transformation of market research, impacts of automation and more.

    Frédéric holds a Master’s degree in comparative jurisprudence from New York University and a diploma in advanced studies in international economic law from the Sorbonne in Paris (D. E. A.). He practiced as a French lawyer in the corporate department of Allen & Overy’s Paris office, before establishing Toluna in May 2000.

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  • Frank Smadja, PhD.
    Vicepresidente sénior de investigación y desarrollo


    Frank es vicepresidente sénior de I+D en Toluna, donde lidera los esfuerzos de I+D encabezados por el sitio La experiencia de Frank se basa en el análisis de textos y comunidades. Antes de incorporarse a Toluna fue cofundador de RawSugar, una empresa emergente de marcadores sociales, pionera en la búsqueda facetada sobre etiquetas de usuario. Anteriormente, Frank trabajó en Bellcore, Lehman Brothers y varias empresas incipientes en las que fue responsable de resolver multitud de problemas de negocio utilizando una selección de tecnologías únicas y divertidas. Los logros de Frank incluyen múltiples patentes, publicaciones referenciadas, capítulos de libros y compromisos de participación en importantes conferencias. Puedes consultar un artículo reciente aquí Obtuvo un doctorado y un máster en informática por la universidad de Columbia, Nueva York.

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  • Paul Twite
    Managing Director, EMEA


    Paul brings an abundance of digital technology experience and knowledge to his role as Managing Director, EMEA.  After joining Toluna in 2013, Paul was tasked with growing Toluna’s UK business. Toluna experienced a sustained increase in both the number and depth of client relationships in the research and technology sectors. Before joining Toluna, I lead divisions at United Business Media in Hong Kong and Haymarket in London. 
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  • Ludovic Milet
    Director General de APAC


    Ludovic Milet se unió a Toluna en 2015 como Director General de APAC, llevando más de 20 años de experiencia en la industria de investigación de mercado. Con sede en Hong Kong, Ludo es responsable de la estrategia de Toluna en toda la región Asia-Pacífico.

    Antes de Toluna, Ludo ocupó altos cargos en una agencia líder de investigación de mercado, GMI, donde fue responsable de la estrategia en toda la región Asia-Pacífico, así como de negocios Director del Grupo de Retail and Technology División de GfK (ahora llamada Consumer Choice), que sirve los tomadores de decisiones de las organizaciones de primer orden, de electrónica de consumo y electrodomésticos industrias, en Europa y Asia Pacífico. Ludo posee una Maestría en Marketing y Finanzas Corporativas de Ciencias Políticas en París, Francia.

  • Anne-Marie Horgan
    Group General Counsel


    Anne-Marie Horgan joined as Group General Counsel in April 2016. She has almost 20 years of legal experience within the information services sectors and specialises in data protection and compliance matters having gained extensive experience across multiple jurisdictions. Immediately prior to arriving at ITWP, Anne-Marie was Associate General Counsel at GfK, responsible for all legal and compliance matters in UK, Ireland and Nordics and Baltics regions. Anne-Marie holds a law degree from the University of Hertfordshire and is admitted to the roll of Solicitors in England and Wales.
  • S. Jay Rampuria
    Executive Vice President of Global Business Development


    As Executive Vice President of Global Business Development, Jay Rampuria leads all business development strategy for the company.  His focus is to drive long-term partnerships with the world's largest Advertisers, along with new product development through innovative client and data partnerships.

    With nearly 20 years of leadership experience between Early Stage / Venture Backed Companies (RightNow, Island Data, Intelliseek/BuzzMetrics, and Unmetric), as well as, Large Enterprise Organizations (EDS, Nielsen, McKinsey, and Accenture), Jay brings considerable senior Sales and Account Management expertise in advertising, digital, social media, and text analytics, having partnered with some of the world's largest Brands and Agencies.

    Before Toluna, Jay was Global Head of Client Development at Unmetric, where he led all commercial aspects of the business, including sales, major account management and partnerships across the world. Before that, he was a Partner within the Accenture’s Interactive business unit and prior to that helped to found and lead the Americas’ Sales and Account Management organization for NM Incite (a JV between Nielsen and McKinsey). 

    He is a graduate from the University of Oklahoma where he received a BBA in Finance and Management Information Systems (MIS).
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  • Phil Ahad
    EVP Product


    Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President of Digital Products is responsible for leading the vision, development and strategy for Toluna’s suite of digital market research products.  He is passionate about identifying first look technology and trends that innovate companies, industries and business concepts.  Phil has a broad range of experience in digital product leadership and marketing focusing on automation and disruption across all industry types.  He has held senior leadership roles from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 


    Under his leadership, Toluna’s digital products have been the fastest growing products in the market research industry and has established Toluna as the top organization for end-to-end market research technology and innovation.   


    Phil holds degrees in Decisions Science and Management Information Systems from George Mason University School of Business. 

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  • Nitin Patel
    Chief Technology Officer


    Nitin Patel, CTO will focus his efforts on strategic and horizontal technical topics. He will spend much more time with the Operations and Supply teams on automation and optimization of our community.  Nitin will also lead technical discussions with partners and customers to find technology solutions, he will be the technical contact for Nielsen and NPD,  he will work on multiple aspects such as cost, licensing, architecture, etc.

    Nitin has led the UPS and TEF teams for years as well as many other important initiatives such as the NPD contract and deliverables.  Nitin is known for his ability to focus on tiny coding details while still having the big picture in mind, he can talk to customers while debugging code and this is going to be very helpful for him looking forward.   

  • Pierre
    Chief Financial Officer


    Pierre joined Toluna in 2015 and serves as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Pierre comes to us with many years finance experience and was previously the Investment Manager at Verlinvest, as well as Senior Consultant for Ernst & Young.
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  • Val Karruck
    EVP Key Accounts


  • Michele Morelli
    SVP, Global Marketing Strategy


    Michele Morelli
  • Tsahi Ben Yosef
    SVP, Product Innovation



Senior Management

  • Marco Gastaut
    Managing Director South Europe & Latam


    Marco se unió a Toluna en 2008 como Director Comercial de Italia. Este nuevo desafío profesional le permite introducir en el mercado italiano productos innovadores y revolucionarios para la recogida de datos en línea, así como para obtener más experiencia en el mundo de la investigación de mercado en línea. Hasta la fecha, los clientes italianos de Toluna incluyen a todas las principales agencias de investigación de mercado asociadas a Esomar y Assirm con un enfoque en la investigación en línea y móvil.

    Gracias a Marco, Toluna ha logrado una posición de liderazgo en Italia tanto para la provisión de muestras en línea como para soluciones tecnológicas para crear una comunidad de paneles con fines de investigación.

    En junio de 2009, Marco ha sido promovido como Director Comercial de Europa del Sur, con el objetivo de desarrollar el mercado español paralelamente a la consolidación del mercado italiano.

    En noviembre de 2014 Marco fue promovido a la posición de Director General con responsabilidad de P & L. La misión de Marco es facilitar la inversión en la industria de la investigación de mercado hacia la automatización, la tecnología y la innovación para acelerar el proceso de generación de Consumer Insight.

    En enero de 2016 Marco amplió sus responsabilidades de MD a Sudamérica y supervisó la apertura de Toluna Latam HQ en São Paulo, Brasil. Toluna pretende convertirse en una fuerza disruptiva en el sector de la investigación de mercado en Latam y afirmar su liderazgo en esta región tan estratégica.
    Marco G
  • Dr. Thomas Rodenhausen
    MD Germany


    Mr Rodenhausn is responsible for strategic development for Harris Interactive Germany. In his role he e is responsible for business operations, methods development, and is in contacts with the education sector. Prior to joining Harris Interactive, Thomas was owner and founder of MediaTransfer AG Netresearch & Consulting.   Dr. Thomas Rodenhausen is a psychologist, has a doctorate from the Free University of Berlin in the subject, where he worked as a research assistant.
  • Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux
    Co-MD France


    Nathalie fonde en 1995 avec Patrick Van Bloeme l’institut d’études Novatris, qui devient spécialiste des études on line et rejoint le groupe Harris Interactive en 2004. Depuis sa création, elle co-dirige l’entreprise et co-définit sa stratégie et ses axes de développement. En impulsant depuis 20 ans innovation et agilité, elle contribue à hisser Harris Interactive parmi les acteurs les plus importants du marché.

    Nathalie développe depuis plus de 25 ans des expertises dans de nombreux domaines, tels que le parcours client cross canal, les communautés on line, l’impact de la digitalisation en marketing, et plus particulièrement dans les secteurs cosmétiques et luxe.

    Elle intervient régulièrement dans des conférences et dans les médias pour apporter son expertise du métier des études et des mutations technologiques sur ce marché.

    Avant de fonder Harris Interactive, Nathalie était co-fondatrice du cabinet de conseil et d’études en nouvelles technologies Cesmo et précédemment consultante chez Sinfor Conseil.

  • Patrick Van Bloeme
    Co-MD France


    Patrick fonde en 1995, avec Nathalie Perrio-Combeaux, l’institut d’études Novatris, qui devient vite l’un des spécialistes des études online et rejoint en 2004 le groupe Harris Interactive. Il co-dirige l’entreprise depuis sa création et co-définit sa stratégie et ses axes de développement. Il contribue depuis à faire d’Harris Interactive l’un des acteurs les plus importants du marché des études, en combinant agilité, technologie et expertise.

    Patrick a développé depuis 25 ans des expertises dans de nombreux domaines, notamment dans les dispositifs de mesure de l’expérience client et dans la connaissance des usages des médias. Il a ainsi mis en place depuis 2003 pour France Télévisions, le QualiTV, mesure quotidienne de la satisfaction des téléspectateurs.

    Patrick intervient régulièrement dans des conférences et dans les médias pour apporter son expertise du métier des études et commenter les études et sondages réalisés par l’institut en France et à l’international.