Partner with Toluna to offer your clients on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights.

Toluna works with leading Market Research agencies, transforming the way research is provided to clients globally. Real-time access to the world’s largest social voting community of 10 million members across 59 countries is coupled with our state-of-the-art, market research survey and analytics platform. From ad hoc survey programming and fieldwork to long-term tracking work, and automated insights solutions to powering complete research infrastructures, Toluna offers a full range of solutions for all our Market Research clients.

Global Respondent Reach

Our unique, cross channel approach to member engagement provides real-time access to deeper respondent insight. Our community is well-profiled, and active. We reach survey respondents across the globe and engage with them when and how they want. And when and how you want - in Real-Time.
Our members provide us with information about themselves, their attitudes and behaviors. We have developed profiles that enable us to target respondents in real-time, but can also profile in real-time.

Insight Platform Designed with Market Researchers in Mind

Toluna's digital solutions platform and enterprise framework enable many of the industry's largest, and most well-respected companies to automate their research process, and speed time to insight. Toluna's offerings are mobile-optimized both for the respondent and user alike. APIs are available to ensure full integration and automation.