Toluna hosted event

Toluna UK Breakfast Briefing

A look into the future: Making Real-Time Research Real 
FCPKeynote Speaker
Frederic Charles-Petit, Toluna CEO, will be in town to talk about Market Disruption and the need to think globally but act locally. His speech will then be followed by newly appointed Kyle Kim Hays, EVP Global Digital Marketing, who will look at the Toluna panel and its future growth. The presentation will then be concluded on Toluna's latest products, PowerConcept and QuickCommunities. 
We will also be running a client clinic on automation and innovation in research. These sessions will explore how technology is transforming our customers' speed to insight. To register for the event click here.

Clinics to include:

Clinic 1: Toluna PowerConcept
Richie Heron presents the launch of PowerConcept which takes methodologically-robust concept testing to a new level of speed and sophistication.

Clinic 2: Toluna QuickSurveys

Dipti More will be exploring how we are scripting launching and reporting on projects in hours, not weeks for our fastest-growing customers.

Clinic 3: Toluna SampleXpress

Richard Merrick will define how automated sampling, scripting and analytics platforms have driven efficiency to the heart of consumer tracking.

Clinic 4: Toluna Communities 
Cara Edwards will showcase how Toluna can support businesses in delivering qualitative and quantitative insights in real-time using Toluna's newest technology QuickCommunties

Where: The Landmark Hotel     register
222 Marylebone Road