Put Your Customers at the Center of Your Decision-Making with Branded Communities

Use TolunaInsights to deepen your relationships and leverage unrivalled consumer insights to improve your marketing program by either create branded digital communities in minutes, or enterprise communities when a deeper dive is required. Our communities solutions put your brand at the center of deep conversation and help you gain a more in-depth understanding of your customers and prospects, while developing brand loyalty and ongoing engagements.

  • A solution for your unique needs. Establish a long-term, branded community for long-term, ongoing engagement over time, or utilize our DIY community solution for quick-turn, branded communities.
  • Obtain deep on-demand insight over time. Get to know your target audience more holistically by asking questions in real-time, and obtaining both qualitative and quantitative insights on an ongoing basis.
  • Build brand advocacy. Community members see your brand as being customer focused and innovative as they engage with your community.
  • Continue to evolve as your community evolves. Refine your community, your engagement plan, and audience. Communities are fluid and can adapt to help solve your latest challenge.
  • The data you obtain is virtually limitless - 360 understanding of your customer. Marry transactional customer data with attitudinal data: real-time, on demand rich verbatim responses, qualitative feedback, upload photos, video and more.
  • Agile, real-time targeting. Assemble a community most relevant to your target audience, or conduct research with non-current audiences.

 TolunaInsights provides a scalable and customizable approach to communities.

Toluna QuickCommunities™ is a revolutionary DIY platform enabling you to create a highly-engaging, branded, web-based community in just minutes, then recruit your precisely targeted audience from the global Toluna community (or from any survey) -- all in real-time. Collect rich, real-time, cost-effective qualitative and quantitative insight on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button, by sending surveys, presenting topics for discussion, and viewing results -- all within a single platform.

Develop enterprise-wide communities

Toluna has been providing community solutions since 2000, and we continue to invest in next-generation solutions. Our enterprise community offering enables you to create a truly full-featured highly-engaging, branded, web-based community, and recruit richly profiled members to participate. Your community can be home to customers, prospects and constituencies all within a single experience, using personalization and segmentation. Community management solutions are equally rich.