Expedite Your Analysis

TolunaInsights offers easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics that enables you to access real-time reporting and analyze results with the click of a button, as data populates in real-time.

  • Access information without delay. Data is available immediately, with the ability to access field reports and analyze data while surveys are still in-field.
  • Comprehensive reporting platform. Field reports, verbatim responses and key metrics all within a single interface.
  • Leverage advanced analytic procedures. Weight data, create sub-populations, filter and conduct all levels of significance testing.
  • Information is customized. Drag and drop PowerPoint creation, word cloud verbatims, and create tables/re-run banners as needed.



Product Features:

  • Create custom weights, sub-populations and filtered reports for easy collaboration 
  • Customize confidence intervals 
  • Create word clouds to visualize open end responses 
  • Share analysis with key collaborators with data encryption and password protection providing safe sharing of analysis with key stakeholders

Count on Toluna to deliver the insights you need while empowering you to take advantage of automation.

Count on our team of experts to provide you with the reporting and analytics you need to power your decision-making – no matter your need – or count on Toluna to provide more advanced reporting – from dashboards to full-scale management/permission-based reporting systems.

TolunaInsights is the only end-to-end platform where audiences, surveys, communities, and analytics are completely integrated with one-another, including Toluna’s global Influencer community. All of this is accessible through one interface, empowering the adoption of agile research approaches, enterprise-level research programs, and ultimately better and quicker decision-making.