It has never been more challenging to run a successful learning institution. Budgets continue to tighten, competitive choices abound and students are seeking new and different ways to maximize their learning experience. As a leading all-in-one global source for actionable insights, we’re here to help.

Our integrated survey platform can help your institution establish meaningful relationships that result in increased enrollment, greater student & parent satisfaction while helping drive an emotional experience that creates better retention and long-term loyalty after graduation. In brief, we provide access to the insights and data that can fulfill your education marketing strategy and achieve your operational goals.

Here’s how we help educational institutions garner smarter insights:

  • School brand perception

  • Student satisfaction drivers

  • Faculty feedback & ranking

  • Parent satisfaction drivers

  • Alumni giving & engagement

  • Attitudes toward tuition costs

  • Academic ranking measurement

  • Sport fan preferences

  • Millennial needs & trends

  • School merchandise preferences

  • Competitive school studies

  • ‘Voice of the Parent’ insights

  • Community and voter feedback

  • Event impact and management

  • Application tracking measurement

  • School climate and safety

From student preferences to parent & faculty satisfaction to alumni engagement, Toluna’s solutions let you tap into critical sentiments and opinions to forge a successful and lifelong academic experience.



“Toluna was directly responsible in our year one project for providing the participants that enabled us to meet our project goals.
- Tod S. Levitt, PhD, Research Professor, George Mason University

“I have worked with Toluna for a number of projects and am impressed by the competence and professionalism of the people on the team.”
- Bo MacINNIS, PhD, Research, Stanford University