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Apr 21, 2011
Toluna’s Panel Community Website Receives 34,000,000+ Votes in a One Month Period

Announcement coincides with announcement of expanded Facebook following and launch of iPhone App

(London, UK) Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research panel and survey technology providers, announces that its panel ‘community’ website,, recently achieved a very important milestone. The website received more than 34,000,000 votes within a one month period (January 16 – February 15, 2011). provides a forum for more than 4 million global members of Toluna’s market research panel to interact with one and other in real-time. Members can post on-site polls, vote in member polls, ‘follow’ others, comment on posts, and/or create their own public profile. provides members with a real value for participating in surveys, and enables market researchers to access consumer opinions in real-time.

“Gathering more than 34 million member votes on in November proves that participants value the ‘community’ experience and features we provide,” said Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO and Founder of Toluna. “We created our first ‘community’ website in 2000, in an effort to provide panelists with a value for participating in surveys. I am thrilled that our strategy has paid off. Now, more than ever, members enjoy the ‘social features’ that we provide, and it’s a competitive differentiator for us.”

Toluna introduced its first community in 2002, in select countries. Now, is accessible by panelists worldwide, and the company continues to stay abreast of current trends, by continually launching new member features. “Our respondents are active, engaged, and it seems we’ve tapped into an unmet need in the market,” says Matt Hynes, Director of North American Panels for Toluna. “Our respondents are looking for a return on their investment for participating in surveys and social features can help provide this. For example, we have more than 20,000+ followers who ‘like’ us on Facebook, and have integrated their Facebook and experience.”

The company has an entire team dedicated to keeping up with current technology and communications trends and applying them to the respondent experience. Recently, the company launched an iPhone Application for members so that they can sign-in and while on-the-go. Frank Smadja, Senior Vice President of Research & Development, Toluna, “We’ve all read statistics about how irregularly people check email these days. We aim to reach respondents when, where, and how it is most meaningful to them, and often this means that we have to think beyond emailed communications. Our philosophy mandates that we continue to innovate, and we would not have any other way.”

About Toluna

Toluna enables organizations to generate valuable customer insight by combining its online market research panel and industry leading technology.

Toluna provides companies the ability to answer questions of their target audience quickly and efficiently and leverages a unique approach to respondent recruitment and engagement with its online ‘community’ and proprietary Real-Time Sampling® methodology. Toluna guarantees that the data clients receive is of the highest quality.

Further, Toluna provides the industry’s leading online market research technology suite, enabling hundreds of market research organizations and agencies worldwide to create surveys, manage panels and build online communities. Toluna’s products include PanelPortal™, AutomateSurvey™, BrandSpector™ IVR and QuickSurveys™.

The company’s PanelPortal™ product provides brands with the opportunity to create their own branded online community website portals. PanelPortal offers similar features to, including the ability to poll other community members, vote, and establish a public profile. The tool provides market researchers with the ability to ‘listen’ to on-site activity amongst members, which helps foster co-creation, and generate qualitative insights.

The company’s QuickSurveys™ product actually integrates with to capture real-time respondent feedback. QuickSurveys is a web-based, DIY survey tool that enables individuals to post questions of the community to generate insights, literally in real-time.

Toluna has offices in the US, Canada, UK, France (headquarters), The Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, Japan Hong Kong, and China

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