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Jun 15, 2010
Toluna Launches TolunaTopics – Weekly Data-Driven Email Newsletter

Wilton, CT – Toluna, one of the world’s leading online independent online panel and survey technology providers, has launched TolunaTopics. TolunaTopics is a weekly data-driven newsletter which provides a snapshot of interesting factoids gathered from the Toluna ‘community.’ Previous topics have ranged from “types of fast food consumers most prefer,” to “reactions to the BP oil-spill.” Recipients of the newsletter range from current Toluna customers interested in receiving consumer data, to supplement reporting, to journalists looking for new article ideas. Recipients can also suggest topics of interest for future TolunaTopics.

Prior TolunaTopics include;

  • Consumer Reactions to the British Petroleum (BP) Oil Spill
  • Reactions to the Economy and Spending Changes
  • How People are Spending their Vacations this Summer
  • Using Social Networking Websites
  • Fast Food Preferences
  • Reactions to the Iceland Eruption

Data is gathered by Toluna using its ‘community’ via QuickSurveys™. Community-members participate in on-site polls on, and feedback is gathered in real-time. Data is gathered from 2,000 respondents and weighted by age, gender, region, education level and annual income. Clients can also post questions to our online community for a small fee by using QuickSurveys™ a DIY web-based survey tool which can be accessed at

Currently, more than 12,000 individuals receive TolunaTopics, many of whom have reused data in some form.

“I look forward each week to receiving TolunaTopics. I enjoy reading a short factoid about current events and what people’s opinions and views are of the latest topic, especially when the topics relates to my business.” – Current recipient of TolunaTopics.

Suggest a topic for our next TolunaTopics by emailing

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