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May 09, 2013
Toluna Enhances TolunaAnalytics™ Data Reporting, Analysis and Visualisation Tool

TolunaAnalytics™ can now be used to analyse tracker study survey data

(London, UK) Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research respondent and technology providers, announces a number of feature enhancements to TolunaAnalytics™, the company’s web-based data reporting, analysis and visualisation tool. These enhancements include the ability to analyse survey data from tracking studies.

“Our clients have been looking for new ways to extract meaning, value, and compelling data-driven stories from tracking studies,” stated Carol Haney, Toluna’s Senior Vice President of Product Marketing. “Through TolunaAnalytics, they can now educe important insights instantly, within time periods they specify, using custom filters to select specific sub-populations of interest, and more. Our clients no longer have to look through thousands of pages of banner points to identify critical changes in key measures. TolunaAnalytics makes it easy to spot those changes quickly.”

Summary of TolunaAnalytics Enhancements

  • Available for continuous and multi-wave trackers.
  • Analyse integrated multi-country tracker studies by reviewing data by country or across all countries – and by language.
  • Share online reports with collaborators in real-time – filtered by product, region, location, and more – wave on wave.
  • Instantly see trends in standard time slices – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly – or create custom time slices.
  • Overlay custom weights across datasets to make representative of desired population.
  • Run significance tests on cross tabs and create derived variables without needing to resort to code or syntax.

“Many of Toluna’s tracking study clients already leverage SmartSelect™, our respondent-selection methodology for ensuring sample comparability across multiple waves of such studies,” stated John Bremer, Chief Research Officer at Toluna. “Among other benefits, SmartSelect™ helps to prevent tracking study clients from mistaking sample composition changes for changes in what they are trying to measure and track in the first place. The newly-enhanced TolunaAnalytics is SmartSelect’s perfect partner.”

TolunaAnalytics can expedite data analysis, as data are accessible within a single user-interface within moments of project launch. TolunaAnalytics is easy-to-use and ideal for the novice and expert analyst alike. Users can weight data, create segments and conduct significance testing, as well as their own cross-tabulations, and personalised PowerPoint presentations. TolunaAnalytics is compatible with all browser types and devices, whether they are computers, Smart phones, or tablet PCs.

TolunaAnalytics has been offered to clients as a standard feature for all full-service data collection projects (including mobile surveys, and the company’s branded community panel product, PanelPortal™) since 2009.

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