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Dec 09, 2011
Toluna Announces New TolunaAnalytics™ Features

Advanced Survey Reporting and Analysis Tool Enables Clients to Conduct Significance Testing and Create Cross Tabulations for Open Ended Responses and Numeric Questions

(Wilton, CT, USA)  Toluna, one of the world’s leading online survey respondent and technology providers, announces the addition of new features for its TolunaAnalytics™ product, the company’s proprietary, web-based data reporting and analysis tool.  In addition, TolunaAnalytics™ is now available for the clients that use Toluna’s AutomateSurvey™,survey-scripting tool, and PanelPortal™, branded community product. 

TolunaAnalytics was launched in October 2011 as an improvement to the company’s GoReport product in North America, and as a completely new product for European clients.

TolunaAnalytics™ provides users with the ability to weight data, to create their own cross-tabulations, and to prepare personalized PowerPoint™ presentations at the click of a button.  In addition, users can now conduct significance testing using TolunaAnalytics™.

Product highlights and key features of TolunaAnalytics™

Easy-to-use/quick access to data;

  • Easy-to-use and visually engaging data reporting tool.
  • Robust, real-time data presentation ideal for monitoring studies even during the initial stages of project field.
  • Quick access to verbatim responses – and the ability to create cross tabulations.
  • Full compatibility with all browser-types, Smart phones and tablet PCs.
  • Single platform for reporting and analytics.

More control;

  • Ability to weight data and conduct significance testing.
  • Create cross-tabulations and export results.
  • Drag-and-drop data into PowerPoint® to create personalized data presentations with ease.

Stay tuned for feature and enhancement announcements.

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