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Sep 04, 2012
Product Announcement: Toluna Launches Qualitative Omnibus

Toluna’s Quali MultiMind Omnibus™ provides clients with quick access

to high-quality, affordable hybrid research data 

(Wilton, CT)  Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research respondent and technology providers, today announces the launch of the Quali MultiMind Omnibus, a quick and affordable way for companies to couple Toluna’s high-quality, cost-effective omnibus data with professionally moderated, real-time respondent conversations, powered by iModerate. The Quali MultiMind Omnibusstreamlines the research process, as clients receive both quantitative data and qualitative insight from a single online omnibus project.  

“Our clients depend on the Toluna MultiMind Omnibus to serve many purposes, including ad and concept testing, customer satisfaction, and exploratory research,” explained George Terhanian, President North America and Group Chief Strategy Officer of Toluna. “They have found that hybrid research through our Quali MultiMind Omnibus provides key insights that they may not have otherwise uncovered. The Quali MultiMind Omnibus provides a deeper narrative, and more robust data than quantitative surveys alone.”   

“We’re very excited about the Quali MultiMind Omnibus because it is a ’1+1=3’ proposition,” explained GolinHarris Executive VP of Insights & Innovations, Mark Rozeen. “Our clients benefit from the quantitative rigor and reliability of an omnibus plus the emotional insight and immediacy of qualitative one-on-one conversations, all within a cohesive and contextual survey. The cost-effectiveness and consistency of Toluna’s online omnibus architecture, combined with the skill and focus iModerate brings to live interviewing, results in an efficient, powerful and versatile tool that should delight the heavy-duty researcher and the casual investigator alike.” 

About Toluna’s Quali MultiMind

The Quali MultiMind Omnibusis a quick and cost-effective way for companies to ask as many as 30 questions of up to 5,000 U.S. respondents. In addition to quantitative data, clients receive qualitative feedback from 10 or more individuals, generated by real-time, online conversations led by a professional moderator. Transcripts of each interview supplement data tables and are available within three days. Toluna’s Quali MultiMind Omnibusleverages SmartSelect, Toluna’s premium, patent-pending methodology for ensuring sample representativeness and data accuracy. 

About Toluna

Toluna is one of the world’s leading online panel and survey-technology providers.  With 17 offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, Toluna works with many of the world’s leading market-research agencies, media agencies, and corporations.

Toluna provides a comprehensive proven, scalable solution that enables companies to answer questions of their target audience quickly and efficiently.

Toluna leverages a unique approach to respondent recruitment and engagement with its online community and proprietary respondent engagement methodologies and guarantees that the data clients receive is of the highest quality. Recently the company launched SmartSelect™ which is a respondent-level methodology designed to ensure more representative, reliable market research data.

Toluna also provides the industry’s leading technology suite, enabling hundreds of organizations worldwide to create surveys, manage panels and build online communities.  Toluna’s products include PanelPortal™, AutomateSurvey™, and TolunaQuick™.

About iModerate

iModerate Research Technologies is a leading qualitative market research firm with a distinct approach to uncovering the most meaningful insights. Founded in Denver in 2004, iModerate pioneered the online one-on-one. With more than 100,000 conversations to our credit, and an in-depth knowledge of how consumers think and behave, we have helped countless organizations obtain the insights that matter most to them.

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