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Jan 07, 2013
Press Release: Toluna adds robust features to TolunaAnalytics™
Toluna adds robust features to TolunaAnalytics™
Full-Featured Best-in-Class DIY Analytics Platform – Standard Deliverable for Toluna Clients


(Wilton, CT)  Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research respondent and technology providers, announces a series of best-in-class enhancements to TolunaAnalytics™, the company’s proprietary, web-based data reporting and analysis tool.  TolunaAnalytics is offered to clients as a standard feature for all full-service data collection projects (including mobile surveys), and within Toluna’s PanelPortal™, branded custom community product.

“One of Toluna’s key differentiators is its dedication to improving the speed and depth of insight available to the research professionals we work with,” states Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO, Toluna.   “We have designed TolunaAnalytics to access and analyze survey responses within minutes of survey deployment.  This real-time analytic opportunity enables clients to operate more efficiently, and provide expedited analytics.” 

TolunaAnalytics provides users with advanced, yet easy-to-use features – ideal for the novice and expert analyst alike.  Users can weight data, create segments and conduct significance testing.  Clients are empowered to create their own cross-tabulations, and to prepare personalized PowerPoint presentations at the click of a button.  TolunaAnalytics is compatible with all browser types and devices, whether they are computers, Smart phones, or tablet PCs.

Feature improvements are focused on design and interface improvements, compatibility with PowerPoint, and more advanced functionality including the ability to customize confidence intervals, and conduct significance testing for overlapping questions which yields an increasingly sophisticated analytic platform.

Key features of TolunaAnalytics (in addition to those mentioned above)

  • Generate a project field report at a click of button (that include information about completion rates, timing, etc), highly-customizable cross-tabulations, and PowerPoint presentations.
  • PowerPoint templates can be customized to meet client’s needs with the click of a button.
  • Quick access to verbatim responses.
  • Powerful capabilities – analyze multiple languages simultaneously.

Best-in-class platform TolunaAnalytics

  • Reliable – data is encrypted, password-protected and accessible 24×7.
  • Securely share read-only reports online with your clients and partners – you set the password
  • Single platform for both reporting and custom analytics.

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