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Jun 29, 2016
New Features Added to Toluna’s QuickSurveys Platform: Powers Suite of Automated Insights Tools

Wilton, Conn., June 29, 2016 - Toluna, leading provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights, today announced the addition of new features to its DIY survey platform,QuickSurveys. These enhancements will support Toluna’s ongoing pursuit to digitally transform market research, and pave the way for additional fully-automated, on-demand survey tools.

QuickSurveys is the most advanced DIY market research platform on the market.  The survey engine is easy-to-use, provides a suite of customizable survey designs, ready access to survey respondents across the globe, and the best-in-class reporting, analysis, and visualization tools – all within a single user interface.  

New features include

  • Random assignment to allow concept testing without bias by randomly displaying blocks of concepts (including text, videos, and images) and/or questions.
  • Secure video hosting to enable users to safely upload video to their surveys, with the peace of mind that their content is protected and respondents are required to watch each video from beginning to end before proceeding.

“QuickSurveys is challenging the traditional. We’re changing the way people conduct research by empowering them to do it on their own and arming them with powerful research methodology tools on an intuitive platform. Now they’re getting insights that previously took days, in hours,” says Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President of Digital Products.

“More importantly, incorporating these features into the QuickSurveys platform is opening the door for users to easily conduct complex research within the platform that wasn’t easily achievable on a DIY tool. These updates are setting the stage for a multitude of fully-automated survey tools like PowerConcept, a concept testing platform coming this summer to QuickSurveys,” Phil adds. “Users will complete a few prompts, the survey is built on the backend in real-time, they select their target audience, and instantly they’ll be able to understand the overall strength of their brand/product/advertising concepts against competitors, or other concepts of the same brand.”

Random assignment and secure video hosting have been added to a package of premium features, available to users by way of a monthly subscription, or by sending a survey containing these features to Toluna’s global voting community of over 9 million consumers.

Other premium features include

  • Advanced TolunaAnalyticsTM for real-time reporting, analytics and data visualization;
  • Operational quotas to easily set limits on answer options, ensuring a balanced sample representative of the target audience;
  • Piping and masking to improve the respondent experience, and in turn, response rates;
  • Piping and masking to improve the respondent experience by piping in answers selected in previous questions and masking answer choices;
  • Unlimited email invites to survey to a user’s own list of contacts.

Coupled with this announcement is the launch of Toluna’s entrepreneur program that will grant eligible entrepreneurs free access premium features on the QuickSurveys platform. Contact Toluna for more information.

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