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Feb 07, 2011
Frank Smadja, Senior VP R&D, Toluna to Speak at First International Workshop on User Modelling and Web Applications
(Paris, France) Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research panel and survey technology providers is happy to announce that Frank Smadja, PhD, Senior Vice President of Research & Development, will speak at the First International Workshop on User Modelling and Web Applications. The conference will be held in conjunction with the Fourth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM 2011: His presentation introduces the concept of Computational Market Research by drawing on the analogy with Computation Advertising.

Computational Advertising has been coined by the Yahoo! Research Lab team ( and relates to the computational challenge of finding the best ad to display to a user in a given context. Similarly, Computational Market Research is the challenge of finding the right survey to propose to a user in a given context. The focus of the presentation will be on targeting and user modelling. The proposal can be found here The workshop will take place in Hong Kong, during February 9-12, 2011. Conference particip ants and sponsors include many researchers from GoogleMicrosoft, Baidu, Yandex and Yahoo! and researchers from many top universities.

Frank Smadja, Senior Vice President of Research & Development
Frank is Senior VP R&D at Toluna where he is leading the R&D effort spearheaded by the social voting site Frank’s experience lies in text analysis and communities. Before joining Toluna, he co-founded RawSugar a social bookmarking start-up that pioneered faceted search based on user tags. Prior to that, Frank worked at Bellcore, Lehman Brothers and several start-ups where he was responsible for solving a multitude of business problems using a selection of unique and fun technologies. Frank’s credits include multiple patents, refereed publications, book chapters and speaking engagements at leading conferences. He earned his PhD and MSc in Computer Science from Columbia University, NY.

About Toluna
Toluna enables organizations to generate valuable customer insight by combining its online market research panel and industry leading technology.
Toluna provides companies the ability to answer questions of their target audience quickly and efficiently and leverages a unique approach to respondent recruitment and engagement with its online ‘community’ and proprietary Real-Time Sampling® methodology. Toluna guarantees that the data clients receive is of the highest quality.

Further, Toluna provides the industry’s leading online market research technology suite, enabling hundreds of market research organizations and agencies worldwide to create surveys, manage panels and build online communities. Toluna’s products include PanelPortal™, AutomateSurvey™, BrandSpector™ and QuickSurveys™.
Toluna has offices in the US, Canada, UK, France (headquarters), The Netherlands, Romania, Germany, Italy, Spain, India, Australia, Japan Hong Kong, and China.

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