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Aug 03, 2015
dunnhumby research tool adds a different lens to brand tracking

Coca-Cola and Arla see benefits for brand tracking with new Brand Position report from dunnhumby and Toluna

LONDON – 27 July 2015 – Leading customer science company dunnhumby has today officially released a new addition to its market research product dunnhumby BAR®, which now enables brands to measure themselves against their competitors based on chosen brand attributes.

The Brand Position report allows users to select up to 10 attributes such as Flavour, Packaging, Quality, Taste, and Product Size for customers to rate against chosen competitor brands, giving directional insight into why one brand may be preferred over another.

The dunnhumby Behavioural Attitudinal Research (dunnhumby BAR®) tool, draws on information on the shopping habits of millions of customers to allow brands to identify consumer groups – such as those who recently bought or stopped buying a given product.

The self-service tool then enables clients to launch surveys themselves through an online portal. The surveys will be targeted at the customers who voluntarily take part in dunnhumby’s Shopper Thoughts research panel, and will provide truly integrated insights into both consumer attitudes as well as their actual purchasing behaviour within as little as five days, providing brands with an up-to-date customer viewpoint.

Brands will be able to use the tool to answer a range of questions, from why shoppers were tempted to try their product or why they have left the brand, to barriers preventing them from using the product or why they are using it less.  

dunnhumby has partnered with leading online research and technology provider, Toluna, to power dunnhumby BAR® and gather attitudinal data in real-time.

Liz Cowsill, Shopper Marketing Manager at Arla, says: “Following a new product launch, we used dunnhumby BAR® to gain a deeper understanding of barriers and triggers to purchase, looking specifically at the difference of opinion between customers who purchased and those who didn’t. It’s not only proven an effective way to gauge how well our products are delivering  against shopper needs, but has revealed our key priorities and played a vital role in our future planning.”

Kate Freeman, Senior Manager Commercial Execution for Coca-Cola says: “The ability to tailor our own targeted surveys around brand attributes would mean that we can start to bring a more flexible lens to our brand tracking and continue to use dunnhumby BAR® to test specific hypotheses. The flexibility of being able to select bespoke answer options provides us with greater opportunities to continue to probe into what our customers really want from our brands.”

Richard Clifford, Research and Trends Director at dunnhumby, comments: “This latest addition to dunnhumby BAR® will enable brands to rapidly respond to how they are perceived among consumers in relation to their major competitors, based on real-world insight from millions of shoppers. The deep understanding of consumer needs and motivations dunnhumby BAR® provides can be invaluable for brands.”

Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Toluna QuickSurveys, said: “At Toluna we are focused on finding ways to streamline the delivery of meaningful insight - we have developed our scalable survey technology platform to do just that,” says Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Toluna QuickSurveys.  “We are happy to partner with dunnhumby and offer the survey technology solutions that power the BAR platform.”

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