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Sep 15, 2015
$10 Million investment planned for Toluna QuickSurveys
Revenues skyrocket for third consecutive year – fastest growing digital insights platform.

Wilton, CT, 15 September 2015:  Toluna, the leading digital marketing research and technology business, has announced the approval of a $10 million investment in the company’s fast-growing, and widely-adopted QuickSurveys product.

QuickSurveys is an on-demand, digital consumer insights platform - fully integrated with Toluna’s global community of 9 million consumers.  QuickSurvey’s revenue is set to more than double in 2015 for the third consecutive year.  Clients include British Airways, Colgate, Givaudan, Coca-Cola, Beiersdorf and many more.

In addition to a strong web-based DIY business, QuickSurveys is a streamlined survey research infrastructure, which provides on-demand survey creation and real-time targeting and respondent access to global measurement companies including Nielsen and dunnhumby.  

The investment in QuickSurveys will be used to fuel further growth by appointing key staff, developing enhancements to market research automation tools, and increasing marketing spend.

“At Toluna we are focused on developing methods to streamline the creation of meaningful insight and deliver them in real-time. is the world’s largest social voting community and via QuickSurveys we can deliver the opinions of millions of community members on-demand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year” commented Frederic Petit, CEO, Toluna. 

Phil Ahad, Senior Vice President, Toluna QuickSurveys, said: “QuickSurveys provides the most advanced DIY market research tools in the industry, we couple this with a best-in-class reporting and analysis engine which is why many of the world’s top brands and agencies are adding Toluna QuickSurveys to their toolbox.”

In addition to being real-time, the QuickSurveys reporting and analysis engine is second-to-none, which is why many of the world’s biggest businesses turn to us for their market insights as they receive on-demand access to consumer opinion.”

This announcement comes on the heels of several important corporate milestones for Toluna, including the company’s 15 year anniversary, and the launch of a groundbreaking Mobile App. 

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