Gain the clearest understanding of your customer’s wants and needs with marketing intelligence that captures data across all channels and travel areas.

Toluna is a leading provider of digital consumer insights and empowers companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and answer their questions in real time.

Toluna offers solutions that are ideal for the dynamic needs of the Travel & Tourism industry. We’ve helped companies adopt agile research and better understand the needs of their consumers as well as business partners. Whether targeting consumers who travel abroad frequently for business purposes; who always travel using a specific airline class or hotel category; or those who have taken a cruise in the last year, you can get your answers from our voting community of 10 million members.

Our specialist panel profiling enables us to quickly target the niche segments in real-time, provide actionable data and help you answer the questions that matter most to you including:

  • Post-stay / post-trip satisfaction

  • Targeted promotions

  • Real-time case management

  • Booking abandonment solutions

  • Guest preference research

  • Loyalty program assessment

  • Online booking driver analysis

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Vacation vs business budgets

  • Employee service insight

  • Customer experience measurement

  • Top destination preferences

Seeking to know the broadest range of key factors influencing travel decisions? We have a full suite of insight solutions to help you execute successful business strategies.



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