Toluna infuses market-leading expertise into every aspect of what we deliver, from the technology that powers our platform to the customized service levels and solutions we provide.

We offer various service levels to our clients. This delivers on Toluna’s promise of on demand insights and the democratization of market research by making cutting-edge consumer insights immediately available to all—from global companies and large market research firms to start-ups and small creative shops.


Clients selecting to Self-Served/DIY use our TolunaInsights interface to program and run their own studies.


Clients who opt for the Managed Services level can partner with our experts to structure, program, and/or access respondents for their surveys, while maintaining direct access to TolunaInsights, on which they can analyse the results. Within the managed services offering, Toluna provides programming, sampling, data processing, and of course, project management and more.


Clients select our Engineered-level services for the implementation of custom programs. Our team of experts can make the nearly impossible possible. For example, they can create: completely transformational research programs and dashboard systems; white-labelled digital insights solutions programs and more.

In addition to DIY capabilities, we offer managed and enterprise solutions that are scalable, and depending upon your timeline and complexity of need, and whether your projects need a light touch or a long-term partner, Toluna’s team of experts are ready to assist you.