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Air Travel with Pets
Insights Into The World Of Air Travel With Pets
ANZ Shopping Infograophic
AUS vs NZ Shoppers Infographic
Internet Retailer - March 2018
How do Gen Y’s vs Gen Z’s holiday shopping habits compare
The holiday season is upon us. We surveyed 1,000 consumers between the ages of 18 - 36 to gather insight on the way that Gen Y and Gen Z shop.
CES2017 - Consumer Purchase interest and Thoughts on Innovation
Consumer Purchase interest
2017 Naughty or Nice List Infographic
Behaviors revealed that may make Santa not so jolly!
2017 Friendsgiving Infographic
Americans reveal Friendsgiving rituals this November
Kraft #FamilyGreatly Infographic
84 percent of parents feel pressure to be "perfect," but their kids prefer "great"
Black Friday comes too late for the majority of Christmas shoppers
Black Friday comes too late for the majority of Christmas shoppers
Grocery Shopping Study AUS VS. NZ
Toluna conducted a study about the differences in grocery shopping habits between Australians and New Zealanders.
What Brands Need to Know About Virtual Assistants
Learn how consumers are using Virtual Assistants to shop, consume media and more.
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
Toluna surveyed consumers in the UK to find out how brands resonate with Snapchat
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
Toluna surveyed consumers in the US to find out how brands resonate with Snapchat
Omnicom Media Group and Toluna Study: Video Content Viewership in Hong Kong
Omnicom Media Group has partnered with Toluna for a study about the video consumption habits of the Hong Kong audience, with a particular focus on the changing balance between television, OTT (Over-The-Top) and digital video opportunities.
Sentiments of Globalization
Toluna’s CEO and company founder, Frederic-Charles Petit spoke at ESOMAR in Brussel and shared insights on globalization.
Physicians Look to Achieve Work-Life Balance
Ranks Highest as 2017 New Year’s Resolution
Retail innovation: are Americans and Europeans so different?
This survey was fielded to 9041 respondents in the US and Europe and compares how consumers react to a list of 16 key innovations in retail.
2017 resolution
2017 Career Resolution
It’s time for New Year’s resolutions! A poll conducted by Toluna reveals that building a working healthier life, having the courage to change, and taking time to reflect are the most popular resolution ideas for people’s professional lives.
2016 Naughty or Nice Cliper
Toluna Quicksurveys Reveals Annual 2016 Naughty & Nice Behaviors List
Toluna Quicksurveys Reveals Annual 2016 Naughty & Nice Behaviors List. This year in review reveals new naughty behaviors like ghost dating, stealing a political sign off someone else's yard and using kids as an excuse!
Think you know today’s shopper? Think again.
1,000 supermarket shoppers surveyed: 7 shopper profiles every Food & Beverage marketer must understand for success.
The Holiday Season: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
We recently conducted a study of 500 respondents in the United States and 500 respondents in the United Kingdom to learn about their plans and sentiments around the holiday season.
Self-Driving Cars Rapidly Becoming a Reality
With the promise of self-driving cars rapidly becoming a reality, Researchscape, in partnership with Toluna, surveyed 1,037 U.S. consumers via an online study.
Is Black Friday Bombing?
Shoppers in the UK are becoming more sceptical of sales and saying they respect brands that don’t get involved in events like Black Friday. IMRG and Toluna partnered to delve into how holiday shopping has changed as we approach another Xmas peak.
Catch-22 of Targeted Advertising
Brands must find a way to navigate contradictory consumer views on the usage of data and targeted advertising according to a M&M Global study partnered with Toluna for a survey of 1,502 internet users across the US, UK and China.
US president thumbnail
U.S.Presidential Campaigns’ Impacts on Property & Legal Sectors
The epic battle finally came to an end. Toluna conducted a quick study* using Toluna QuickSurvey to better understand how the candidates’ presidential campaigns affect the property and legal sectors of U.S.
Recruiter survey thumbnail
Gen Z & Millennial Women in Workplace
Young women still face significant obstacles in their careers, despite recent high-profile efforts to push for diversity and equality in the workplace, according to a Toluna survey by 1,000 Dreams Fund and
TT 2 Edit
Augmented Reality (AR) Adoption
Consumer adoption of Augmented Reality drives new business opportunities, According to a Toluna QuickSurvey ran by ClickZ
wedding season blue_cropped
Wedding Season Blue?
After surveying a total of 1,000 individuals between the ages of 18 and 55 in U.S. with Toluna QuickSurveys, a study from Madame Noire found that guests in the wedding could be as stressful as the bride and groom to be.
Spending on Mobile Apps
Overall, less than half of respondents claim to spend money on apps, according to a Toluna quick poll ran during Oct 3rd to Oct 4th, 2016.
TolunaTopicphoto gadget tn
Photo Taking Habits Globally
We ran a quick global poll to better understand how people use cameras, and smart phones for photos. The responses below are global unless otherwise stated. This survey ran during Sep 21th to Sep 23rd, 2016.
MMG infographicv2
How Are Social Media Users Responding To Brand Content?
In partnership with online research provider Toluna, M&M Global surveyed 2,309 respondents in five markets across the globe – France, India, Hong Kong, Australia and the US.
iPhone7 thumbnail
What iPhone 7 Features Do People Want?
A poll conducted by Toluna reveals that 32GB Starter Model, Waterproof Design and Dual-Camera System are the most anticipated features on iPhone 7.
2016 Back To School Study
We surveyed 1,600 respondents in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Singapore (400 for each country) via Toluna QuickSurveys. Here’s what we found.
How people from different countries tuned in the Rio Games?
While TV is the go-to choice for people around the globe wanting to watch the Rio Games, China score above average in all channels.
TolunaTopics_2024 thumbnail
TolunaTopics: Rome as the wonder city for 2024 Olympics
Toluna surveyed 1000 respondents globally, 34% people said Rome as the most expected city for the 2024 Game
Athletes aren’t the only ones competing at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
Which sponsors & advertisers are on top of the podium?
TolunaTopics: Mobile Payment Study in Australia, China and Singapore
Mobile payment surge in the world. Toluna asked 1,800 people from Australia, China and Singapore, about their usage of this technology. Here is what we found.
The Rio 2016 Olympic Games
We surveyed 1000 respondents in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, China and Japan about their plans to watch the 2016 Olympics using Toluna QuickSurveys. Here’s what we found.
TolunaTopics_Autonoumous Driving
TolunaTopics: Autonoumous Driving
3,500 respondents from United States, Australia, Singapore and India voiced their opinions toward autonomous driving
TolunaTopics: The Future of Gaming Industry
Toluna asked 3000 members in Australia, Italy, Singapore, Spain and United Kingdom which technology, Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), will be the future of gaming industry. Here is what they think!
TolunaTopics: Entrepreneurship in France and US
2016 Millennials Media Consumption Survey
The way millennials consume media, and emerging digital methods of consuming media, are forcing advertisers to try a different approach.
TolunaTopics: How to Succeed in (Small) Business
Small businesses need better online presence to succeed with customers. Toluna recently asked 700 Internet-representative respondents in the US using Toluna QuickSurveys™ real-time survey and analytics platform. Here’s what we found!
TolunaTopics: Different Strokes for Different Folks
Consumers prefer different channels for browsing and purchasing, according to a latest survey about consumer shopping habits in the US and UK.
TolunaTopics: Battle for Future of Delivery
Drones vs. Robots: Toluna asked members in Australia, Hong Kong, India and Singapore what they think delivery system of the future would be.
TolunaTopics: Online Shopping for Fashion
With fashion becoming ever so important amongst the general population, Toluna ran a live QuickSurvey about online fashion shopping during the IMRG Fashion Connect Conference on 11th February 2016. The survey consisted of 500 respondents in the UK.
TolunaTopics_Global Risk_Thumbnail
TolunaTopics: Global Risks
The World Economic Forum recently published a new issue of the Global Risks Report. Toluna asked members about perceived risks and ran a survey in Australia, India, Italy, Singapore, US and UK.
TolunaTopics: Climate Change
Toluna asks members in Australia, India, Italy, Singapore and Spain about their views on the recent UN climate change summit.
TolunaTopics: Financial Stress
Toluna asks members in Australia, Hong Kong, India and Singapore about the types of financial emergencies that stress them out the most.
TolunaTopics: Online shopping supersedes the mall
‘Click to collect’ starting to change the face of retail. US consumers are increasingly opting to shop online rather than in-store, connected retail adoption provides hope for retail.
TolunaTopics: Using Mobile Phone as Camera
Toluna asks respondents in France, Germany, Italy, Singapore and the U.S. about using mobile phone as primary camera.
TolunaTopics: Yoga Practice
Toluna asks panelists in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Spain and UK about their yoga practice.
TolunaTopics: Blood Donation
World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14 June. Toluna asks panelists in Australia, Italy, Singapore and Spain about blood donation.
TolunaTopics: Global Food Waste
France passes new law forbidding food waste. Toluna surveyed panelists in Asia, Europe and America about their view on adopting the same policy in their countries.
Spring Break Travel_Thumb
Spring (Break) is in the Air
A Spotlight on Today's Spring Breaker in the US
Digital Addiction to Technology and Media Consumption and what it means for Marketers
People are using their smartphones more and more often, and a love hate relationship is developing into addiction and behaviour changes. We undertook a study to better understand resulting changes in media consumption.
Thumbnail - Web
Media Usage: A Digital Addiction
Insight into media usage by age.
Thumbnail - Web
TolunaTopics: Maintaining Health and Wellness
Taking measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a connected society.
TolunaTopics: Google Glass
Google Glass: A global survey about wearable technology
TolunaTopics: The Multi-Screen Landscape
Rise of smartphone addiction leads to love-hate relationship for US consumers.
TolunaTopics: The Internet of Things
Women in the US are more likely to embrace connected living than men. Living with the “Internet of Things” (or IoT), a survey about global connected living.

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