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Jun 14, 2016
Toluna launches ‘entrepreneurship program’ at La French Touch Conference, NYC

Program provides exclusive access to real-time insights platform for French innovators


Wilton, Conn., June 14, 2016 - Toluna, leading provider of on-demand, real-time digital consumer insights, today announced the launch of its ‘entrepreneurship program’ during La French Touch Conference, held in New York on June 21 & 22. Entrepreneurs attending the conference can access Toluna’s real-time insights platform at no cost.  The offer empowers entrepreneurs to test ideas, support business growth and ensure successful product launches.

Toluna’s CEO, and company founder, Frederic-Charles Petit, will speak at the conference, about the importance of entrepreneurship.  Over the last 15 years, Toluna has grown from a one-man operation into a 1200-person, global corporation with 18 offices in Europe, North America and APAC and the world’s largest social voting community of 9m consumers. By providing live data from panelists in 49 countries and streamlined survey platform, the company now helps clients across the globe make clearer business decisions by bringing brands and people together in real-time.

As a proud partner of La French Touch Conference, Toluna will launch the offer in conjunction with a keynote of Frederic-Charles Petit. Eligible entrepreneurs will benefit from a free access to QuickSurveys premium features and consumer insights to obtain meaningful, actionable data that will drive their business ahead.

“In today’s business world it is not acceptable to run market research at the pace of the last century. Toluna has revolutionized market research and makes real-time research real - to best support entrepreneurs and start-up businesses alike,” says Frederic-Charles Petit, Toluna CEO. “Innovation and entrepreneurship has always been a driver of Toluna’s success.  We are thrilled to support French innovators with the launch of this program - whether they want to support ideas with data to prove their business assumptions to investors, or test a new offer, startups will have the ability to collect consumer insights within hours, with a click of a button.”

QuickSurveys is the most advanced DIY market research platform on the market.  The survey engine is easy-to-use, provides a suite of customizable survey designs, ready access to survey respondents across the globe, and the best-in-class reporting, analysis, and visualization tools – all within a single user interface.  

The platform has been widely adopted by traditional businesses and startups alike to back ideas with insightful and actionable data from consumers worldwide. It provides unrivaled speed – 1,000 nationally representative survey responses in just 24 hours within 21 markets and has recently received private funding.   Real-Time Research, Toluna Makes it Real™.



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