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Jan 08, 2016
Research Business Report 2016 Predictions
In the recent Research Business Report 20th Annual Predictions issue, Toluna CEO Frédéric-Charles Petit shared his thoughts on what's in store for the industry in the coming year.  Below are his comments:

In 2016, I see a convergence that will result in change. 1) Market research professionals are looking at a myriad of new data sources. While this is not new, we need to ensure that these data sources are being used to deepen insight, alleviate respondent burden or work hand-inhand with market research to provide the “why” behind the “what.” 2) This year, we’ll see the true digitalization of market research due largely in part to companies needing to focus less on operational processes and more on providing consultative services to clients. There must be a new sense of urgency and companies must not just embrace technology, but must fi nd a way to ensure that the integration of technology is ongoing. Companies that will continue to be successful now and into the future will use technology to continue to improve their business and deliver for clients.

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