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Apr 15, 2014
Market Research Gains an Emotional Advantage

Toluna deploys BrainJuicer®’s market-leading FaceTrace® question types to measure consumer emotions

LONDON, UK, 15 April, 2014: Leading online research and survey technology provider, Toluna, today announced a strategic partnership with innovative market research provider,BrainJuicer®, to provide more accurate predictions through the measurement of emotions. Toluna will deploy BrainJuicer’s groundbreaking proprietary solution, FaceTrace®, which uses facial expressions to measure emotional responses to products, websites, people, packaging, advertising and more. 

By integrating the FaceTrace® technology into its global survey platform, Toluna will be able to offer easy measurement of respondents’ emotional reactions to various stimuli, concepts and messaging. The methodology uses photo images of faces – representing the seven basic human emotions – to predict respondents’ behaviour from their initial emotional responses to insights, products and communications.

“FaceTrace® uses the fundamentals of behavioural economics and social psychology to help our clients understand how their customers make decisions.  Emotion drives our behaviour, often unconsciously”, explained Alex Batchelor, BrainJuicer COO, “And of course, faces are universally recognisable, so the technology delivers a validated measure of emotion in any market.”

Using facial expressions as a measure allows businesses to access emotions and better predict people’s subsequent behaviour.

Paul Twite, Managing Director UK, Toluna commented: “We are delighted to integrate FaceTrace® technology into our global survey platform.  Clients will benefit enormously from the improved predictability of consumer response to their marketing. Using the FaceTrace® approach allows brands to turn emotional understanding into a real business advantage.”


About Toluna

A pioneer in the dynamic world of market research, data collection, reporting and visualisation, Toluna brings together people and brands in the world’s largest social voting community. As a leading all-in-one global source for actionable insights, we help market researchers, insights professionals and companies anywhere in the world make clearer and better business decisions that drive better business results.

Our social voting community of more than six million members spans more than 41 countries, enabling our clients to develop a deeper understanding of anyone, anywhere, anytime they need it.

Toluna provides the industry’s leading survey technology suite, enabling hundreds of organisations worldwide to create online and mobile surveys, manage panels and build their own online communities. Toluna products include PanelPortal™ Online Communities and Toluna QuickSurveys™ and Toluna Analytics™.

With 17 offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, Toluna works with many of the world’s leading market research agencies, media agencies and corporations.

Further information on Toluna can be found at

About BrainJuicer 

BrainJuicer® Group PLC is a marketing and brand consultancy, with proprietary market research solutions grounded in the principles of behavioural science, which help clients achieve business advantage. Since 1999, we have been translating breakthroughs in psychology, behavioural economics and the social sciences into Juicy quali-quant online research tools that better understand and predict human behaviour. 

The Company provides consumer-driven insight to 16 of the world's 30 largest buyers of market research and other marquee clients in FMCG, food and beverage, retail, financial services, electronics, health and beauty, and entertainment. BrainJuicer specializes in helping clients with their innovation programmes, focusing on ideas, insights, concepts, communications and behaviour design. The Company's innovative solutions have gained notice in the industry, which has come to regard BrainJuicer as a true thought leader and change agent.   

In 2011, 2012 and in the most recent 2013 results, BrainJuicer was named Most Innovative Agency in the GreenBook Industry Trends Report. In 2011 and 2010 BrainJuicer was awarded Best Research Agency from Marketing magazine, and was named 2010’s Best Place to Work in Research from Research magazine. The Company is the only agency to have won ESOMAR's Best Methodology award two times in the last 24 years, along with a number of other awards for innovation, research excellence, and entrepreneurship. 

BrainJuicer was founded by CEO and Chief Juicer, John Kearon, and has been traded on London's AiM (Alternative Investment Market) since 2006. The Company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and has offices in North America, Brazil, China, Singapore, India and across continental Europe.

Further information on BrainJuicer can be found at

About FaceTrace®

BrainJuicer believes that our emotions shape all our responses – whether it be the life decisions or the product choices we make. Our emotional response to insights, products and communications is what will influence our subsequent behaviour – and if we feel nothing, the chances are we will do nothing.

Enter FaceTrace®, BrainJuicer’s innovative methodology that uses faces to measure emotions.

FaceTrace® is based on the work of Paul Ekman, a 20th century psychologist and pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions.  Delivered in an online survey format, FaceTrace® uses photo images of faces – representing the seven basic human emotions – to measure respondents’ emotional reactions to stimuli, concepts, advertising  and messaging. A one-number Emotional Intensity Score helps simplify decision making along with the proportion of the sample that feels each of the seven basic emotions (plus neutrality), giving a far greater insight into what makes us all tick than is possible with traditional market research methodologies alone. 

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