Toluna has created its QuickWebinar series to ensure that you have the latest information about accessing real-time consumer insights solutions, Toluna’s full suite of products and solutions, and how best to apply them, and tips and tricks for use.  These webinars last no more than 30 minutes.

Upcoming QuickWebinars

September 26, 2018 - September 26, 2018
From Quant to Qual – Using 'Quick' Solutions with Ease and Agility

More and more consumer insights professionals are benefiting by leveraging multi-modal approaches. We've seen clients leverage quick surveys and use real-time communities to dig deeper into real-time communities to learn more about consumer sentiment, or test messaging, or to further inform deeper quantitative research. 

Attend our webinar and learn;
- How to consider mulit-modal research, and when it can provide advantages.
- What to consider when designing your quantitative project and participants.
- How best to dig deeper with your target audience in a community.
- You'll also learn tips and tricks for working within the QuickSurveys and QuickCommunities platforms.

Past QuickWebinars