• Middle East
Hafia, Israel
Senior Data Engineer


  • BSc in Computer Science or elite software Army unit graduate
  • At least 3 years in a big data engineering position
  • Distributed programming experience
  • Big data architecture design (schema definition, ETL, etc.)
  • Advanced SQL knowledge
  • Advanced programming experience with Python
  • Experience in working with cloud-based environments (AWS, GCP or similar)


Job Description:

As a Senior Data Engineer at Toluna, you will be responsible for recommending and implementing data architectures, considering performance and costs. You will also develop, implement and maintain tools for data consuming and data pipelines.

Toluna’s vision is to build a platform for Market Research that is highly scalable, Web and Cloud based and enables anyone to ask for consumers’ opinions. You will build highly scalable and extensible systems, processing big amounts of Web data. You will be instrumental in helping Toluna build our next-generation web applications.

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