Experience real-time Pack Testing

PowerPack is a fully-automated, real-time package testing tool created to accelerate time to insight and speed to shelf.

Through an intuitive wizard and industry-proven methodology, users are able to run package tests to understand the overall strengths and weaknesses of their package concepts ten times faster than traditional methods and at a fraction of the cost.


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Why PowerPack

Key Benefits
  • Access industry proven package testing methodology that’s templated to ensure repeatable, reliable insights at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods
  • Accelerate your speed to market and decision making process by launching a packaging test in just minutes, with insights populating in real-time
  • Reveal your packaging strengths and weakenesses and measure effectiveness of your overall packaging strategy.
  • Test and rank new packagaging concepts in minutes, with c-level reporting and data visualization available in real-time
Key Features
  • Monadic testing ensures pure packaging insight vs. comparison of all packages
  • Data visualized through an automated, interactive infoboard and c-level ready PowerPoint deck
  • Reach a precisely targeted audience using Toluna’s community of millions of consumers