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Cutting-Edge Applications

Year over year, demand for panel communities increases, largely based on the fact that branded communities provide highly valuable, on-demand consumer insight. With this continued growth, and evolution come new study designs, and empowering technologies that yield new insight.

Social Communities - PanelPortal Connect

  • ConnectUN Community on iPadProfile members using key demographics, and extract behavioral data from Facebook directly.
  • Precise data on the ways members engage with ‘likes’ (including competitors brands).
  • Understanding fan segments (influencers, commenters, lurkers, etc.).
  • On-demand access to research results.

All designed to engage, inform, and build better products and services, while providing a better understanding of Facebook users.

Short Term Communities - PanelPortal Light

PP Light WireframeCompanies often look to implement community approaches for projects that might not require an annual engagement. Short-term needs based on product launches, PR issues, seasons, and more can now be accommodated with short-term branded community approaches.

Branded communities provide companies with the benefit of accessing consumer opinion on demand, in real-time. They provide your target audience with a ‘home’ where they can dialogue with others, about your brand – the feedback is rich, and can help to ensure marketing success. Short-term needs based on product launches, PR issues, seasons, or just the desire to learn more about online communities can now be accommodated with a short-term branded community approach.

Step into an online community the easy way, without a long-term commitment.

Many customers want to get accustomed to branded communities, and we’ve built this offering to empower companies to experience the benefit that branded communities provide without an annual agreement. We’re using a templated approach, and leveraging our best-practices that can be implemented within one month, at a fraction of the cost of a standard community engagement.

Full Range of Study Designs

From real-time, in-the-moment feedback to automated strategic positioning studies, online communities provide the perfect environment to conduct a full range of study designs needed to gather the insights you need quickly and easily.

Below are just a few examples of some of the study designs that can be conducted with your community:

Advertising & Concept Testing

Present media to respondents even during the initial stages of media development, or test recall upon exposure. Study designs are created to ensure optimal approach be it monadic, paired, and/or sequential monadic approaches. This research can be applied to ad testing, concepts, and more. We ensure images and concepts are secure, and cutting-edge survey designs enable respondents to get an in-depth view of products being tested.

Attitude and Usage

Get ongoing feedback from your loyal customers about your products, quickly and easily.

Communities go mobile.

Communities can now allow respondents to take surveys anywhere and anytime—increasing response rate and obtaining real-time feedback—ideal for in-store experiences, product usage—and more. Mobile goes beyond survey data—behavioural data & geolocation, geofencing. Feedback becomes more immediate, and less subject to recall.

Strategic brand positioning - PowerPosition.

Traditionally companies have worried about brand positioning with custom panels/branded communities as members have been predisposed to brand, now branded communities can easily be augmented with respondents from outside sources, to obtain a real-time read on how their product or service is positioned against competitors in the marketplace. PowerPosition, our new fully automated strategic positioning tool, allows you to conduct your positioning studies quickly and easily using our templated survey designs.

Qualitative & Quantitative.

Listen to your customers like never before using discussion boards and online qualitative groups, or conduct one-on-one qualitative chat sessions to get deeper insight into brand perception, foster co-creation and more.  Combine these deeper insights with quantitative research for a research program that gets you more with less.

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