QuickCommunities empowers marketers and consumer insights professionals to quickly, meaningfully and cost-effectively connect directly with their precise target audience in a digital environment that enables them to send surveys, collect ongoing feedback, and ask followup questions – all within a single platform. Obtaining rich qualitative and quantitative feedback has never been easier.

Let consumers tell you ‘why’

Your consumers have so much more to say, and their ‘why’ can lead you to insights that go beyond just quantitative data, enabling you to form a well-rounded view of the market and your brand.

Ongoing, on-demand engagement among a precisely targeted audience

When combining engaging, targeted consumer communities with more traditional research methods, you can achieve a holistic view of consumer insight, deepening your level of understanding among your target market.

Save time and money, while expanding your research program

Budget and time-to-launch are often barriers of adding the richness of qualitative insights to your research program, but QuickCommunities makes it affordable and fast.

Complement an existing community

Toluna is a longstanding provider of community-based approaches and innovative consumer insight solutions. QuickCommunities enables you to expand your insight outside of an established community for quick-turn, ad-hoc research needs.


Reporting of both qualitative and quantitative insights are accessed through a single platform, making analysis of member feedback and integrated surveys easily accessible.

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