Create Branded Digital Communities in Minutes

Toluna QuickCommunities enables you to create your own branded digital community in minutes and engage directly with them.

Toluna QuickCommunities™ is a revolutionary DIY platform enabling you to create a highly-engaging, branded, web-based community in just minutes, then recruit your precisely targeted audience from the global Toluna community (or from any survey) -- all in real-time. Collect rich, real-time, cost-effective qualitative and quantitative insight on an ongoing basis with just the click of a button, by sending surveys, presenting topics for discussion, and viewing results -- all within a single platform.

Key Benefits

  • Recruit members directly from any survey in real-time to continue to delve into key issues - or recruit using the Toluna community
  • Go from launch to insight in hours and keep the community running on an ongoing basis for as long as you choose
  • Community members participate in surveys and on-site discussions; feedback is extremely rich
  • Communities can be set up in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional digital communities, and fulfillment of member incentives is included and fully automated

Key Features

  • Real-time integration with millions of global consumers through Toluna.com means access to precisely targeted participants
  • Send surveys, discussion topics, and multimedia in real-time; create live chats and one-on-one discussions
  • Keyword tagging available, as is a ‘like’ feature
  • Branding capabilities provide a customizable, positive experience for community members
  • Community management and engagement is easy for experts and non-experts alike


  • Test opinions before launch for product, service, messages
  • Innovation and co-creation and listen to your target audience to understand what they think
  • Conduct early-stage creative testing on-site discussions are informative and provide direction
  • React to timely news consider research about an ad-hoc topic, season, or event
  • Pre-test ideas – qualitative is an ideal forum for pre-testing ideas not yet in-market!

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TolunaInsights is an on-demand, automated consumer insights platform that underpins everything we offer, from our community to our expertise, and yields rich, reliable insights in real time.  Access sample, surveys, communities and analytics On-Demand, in a managed, or engineered capacity.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 01:00 PM - Wednesday, August 23, 2017, 02:00 PM
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