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The fragmentation of traditional retail and media landscapes sees today’s consumer watching video, listening to music and shopping online, across an ever-proliferating number of on-demand digital platforms. Market research companies are faced with new challenges to accurately measure the impact of these new platforms. Existing solutions involve expensive contracts with content providers and hardware solutions that provide only partial measurement of the total audience.

Toluna’s offering is a single-source permission-based digital tracking product, allowing unprecedented insight into Internet services usage by passively collecting granular individual traffic in real-time.

What DigitalTracking provides

We provide In-App tracking for content-level video and music consumption, ad exposure and e-Commerce at the SKU, advertisement or program level. For retail, we can create a digital path-to-purchase view. For media consumption, we can see what people are watching on Netfl ix or Hulu. We can tell what ads people have been exposed to on YouTube.


Deeper Insight into Path-to-Purchase, Media Measurement, and Digital Behaviors

  • Audience Analytics
  • Cross Vertical Coverage
  • Seamless & Lightweight
  • Cross Device Measurement