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Why Toluna Communities?

Engage like never before, with a community like no other.

Toluna’s sophisticated engagement platform lets you listen to and learn from the people you want to understand like never before. Toluna created the first online community in 2000 and we have put the power of our experience into Toluna Communities. Your Community acts like your brand’s advisory board, and then some. They put your brand at the center of deep conversation and help you gain deeper understanding of your customers and prospects. These panelists are remarkably engaged and participate in unsolicited on-site discussions, and are available immediately for survey research.

The following are examples of specialized community study designs:

  • Product/Service Deep Dive
  • In-Store Assessments
  • Co-creation
  • Customer Insight
  • Usage & Attitude
  • Brand Perception
  • Communications Testing

About the Platform

Sophisticated, yet easy-to-use platform allows for limitless research applications.

The TolunaCommunities web portal is what community members call home. We will work with you to ensure it provides an enticing look and feel with features enabling you to engage with community members and offer them a reason to return.  The Portal offers the ability to post articles, blog posts, discussion topics, quick polls and other information for members.

Surveys are optimized for mobile and tablet compatibility. Community data is easily accessed in real-time using TolunaAnalytics™ - Toluna’s easy-to-use data analysis and visualization tool. TolunaAnalytics is a best-in-class platform and delivers robust reports in real-time—greatly expediting the market research process

Expert Services

Toluna provides Research & Panel Management Services every step of the way.

No matter your audience, count on Toluna to build a recruitment and replenishment strategy. We offer extensive services to ensure a healthy community, including member support and panel health reporting. Our community management tools are unrivalled and enable you to create deep member profiles, segment users and survey the precise respondent you wish to reach - every time. Profiling can be dynamic, and as your organization’s needs change, you can append demographics, or new fields of information as needed.

Click through the process below to see how we help you Plan, Build, Gain Insights, Engage and Manage your new community to ensure you get the results you need:

  • Plan
  • Build
  • Gain Insights
  • Engage
  • Manage
  • Research Goals
  • Panel Size
  • Composition
  • Engagement Strategy
  • Member Portal Set-Up
  • Profiling Survey
  • Recruitment
  • Survey
  • Discussions
  • 1x1
  • Online Groups
  • Mobile Missions
  • Share Results
  • Post Information
  • Blog
  • Interact
  • Member Satisfaction
  • Panel Health & Reporting
  • Purge & Replenish
  • Incentive Management
  • Member Helpdesk

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