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Customer Experience Measurement

TolunaCEM is transforming the way brands track Customer Experience.

More than ever CEM is about Retention, Enrichment, and Advocacy.  
Toluna’s CEM solution provides a 360-view of your customer, and interactions allowing you to capitalize on your customers’ expectations and, exponentially increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Count on Toluna to deliver a full suite of CEM solutions designed to drive business results.

Toluna offers IntroCEM, CustomCEM and AdvancedCEM solutions to ensure that clients access a suite of tools designed to meet their precise needs.


This powerful suite of solutions has helped leading companies bring their customer into the heart of their brand, which increases sales and helps make more effective marketing decisions as a result.

Toluna provides private/growing, and F500 companies the leverage of our industry leading CEM solution; to go beyond typical transactional customer feedback and obtain a significant competitive advantage through insights and engagement. 

Toluna has executed successful CEM programs for the following companies, and more;


TolunaCEM is a Unique Solution



    Our unique solution focuses on the frontline employees.

    • Our approach gives those frontline employees the tools they need to provide a great customer experience.
    • We break the model of leaving all the data in corporate office. We provide simple, tailored dashboards and scorecards that make customer data easy to read and immediately actionable from all levels within your organization.

    • Knowledge is power so access to our custom reporting is UNLIMITED!    

Actionable Information

We provide reporting that is informative, and accessible in real-time via scorecards, and dashboards.

actionable-informtion-1  actionable-informtion-2


“Toluna has been a critical partner in helping us define and measure what we seek to deliver as an in-store customer experience.