PowerConcept is a fully-automated concept testing tool designed to enable you to test and understand the overall strength of your branding, product or advertising concepts in days instead of weeks, at a fraction of the cost.

This unique automation platform, with methodology powered by Harris Interactive, guides you from ideation to insight in just hours, enabling you to collect valuable insights ten times faster than traditional concept testing methods and at a fraction of the cost.


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Why PowerConcept

Key Benefits
  • Stretch your insights budget and conduct on-demand monadic concept testing at a fraction of the cost
  • No research expertise required, an intuitive wizard guides the way
  • Cuts down the time to insight - delivers results 10 times faster than traditional methods
  • Reveals your brand/product's strengths and weaknesses
  • Tracks effectiveness of your overall advertising strategy
  • Concept test at any stage, from ideation to market -ready
Key Features
  • Intuitive wizard guides the user and builds the questionnaire
  • Customizable questions available for added flexibility
  • C-level Info-board and PowerPoint make it easy to share insights
  • Norms available for benchmarking for key categories
  • Reporting available after the first response comes in
  • Access to Toluna's global panel
  • Powered by Harris Interactive


“At Just Eat we are delighted to be working with Toluna. They’ve the right digital platforms and tech team expertise that help us deliver the right message to our customers.”
 Nabila Prieto, Marketing Communications Manager at Just Eat Spain


“We recently partnered with Toluna at the most important market research event in Italy, where we co-presented our experience and results with Toluna’s automated solutions and demonstrated how innovation is key for our company. Products like PowerConcept and QuickSurveys are quick and effective tools that help us to be continually strategic, and I’m very thankful to the team at Toluna for their constant support.”
 Mauro Gagliardone, International Marketing Innovation Consumer Insight Manager Deagostini


“Working with Toluna allowed us to quickly collect valuable consumer insight to direct our new product development and better ensure their commercial success. The realtime reporting and infoboard was a real standout to share with the team.”
 Lindsay Filmer, Head of Marketing at Pukka Pies