Put the power of millions of consumers behind your next big idea with Toluna’s real-time digital insights platform. Need answers fast? Toluna QuickSurveys gives you 24/7 on-demand access to millions of global consumers on an easy-touse, real-time survey platform. Sign up for free today and find out why so many businesses trust QuickSurveys for reliable and actionable insights that won’t break the bank. Our Guarantee: At least 1,000 nationally representative survey responses within 21 markets in 24 hours or less, significantly shortening your time-to-insight and true, actionable information.

Free features

  • Unlimited questions
  • 21 question types and 50+ survey templates
  • Real-time targeting and reporting
  • Nationally representative weighting
  • Branding and customization options
  • Built-in demographic questions
  •  Embed images and videos to test advertising and product concepts
  • Email, embed or share your survey on social media
  •  PPT and XLS data export to create reports in minutes

Premium Features

  • 24/7 access to over 13 million consumers across 62 markets
  • Precisely target your audience with over 200 demographic and behavioral targets to choose from
  • Real-time sample feasibility
  • Survey automation providing brands/products with prognostic and diagnostic insights with Automated Insights
  • Advanced reporting and visualization capabilities with TolunaAnalytics™
  • Representative sample selection via SmartSelect


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TolunaInsights is an on-demand, automated consumer insights platform that underpins everything we offer, from our community to our expertise, and yields rich, reliable insights in real time.  Access sample, surveys, communities and analytics On-Demand, in a managed, or engineered capacity.