Sampling Process

Toluna’s Project and Field Management teams are experts in constructing and delivering representative sample populations, ensuring your research is reliable and repeatable. Data weighting is available if time or cost constraints result in less than perfect distributions.

Mobile: Device Agnostic Surveys are a Must

The battle for online attention means accommodating respondents’ accessibility preferences. Right now, over 20% of surveys are started on mobile devices; the rate increases every month. Device agnostic surveys are critical to interfacing with an increasingly connected population. In partnership with the industry’s largest firms, Toluna developed a robust ‘mobile first’ philosophy.

Every survey we program is designed to be device agnostic so however respondents choose to respond, they have a comparable and optimal interview experience. Because we’ve built mobile optimization into our toolset, it adds no time to survey programming. You can have it on every project, without cost or time penalties.


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