Global clients of all sizes and industries partner with Toluna as their all-in-one provider for actionable consumer insights. With the world’s largest social voting community of 10 million members, our customers can brainstorm innovative ideas, uncover new business opportunities and answer marketing questions that transform their businesses.

From ad hoc survey programming and fieldwork to long-term tracking work, and automated insights solutions to powering complete research infrastructures, Toluna offers a full range of solutions for all our Market Research clients.

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Global Respondent Reach

Our unique, cross channel approach to member engagement provides real-time access to deeper respondent insight. Our community is well-profiled, and active. We reach survey respondents across the globe and engage with them when and how they want. And when and how you want - in Real-Time.
Our members provide us with information about themselves, their attitudes and behaviors. We have developed profiles that enable us to target respondents in real-time, but can also profile in real-time.

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Insight Platform Designed Built to Scale

Toluna's digital solutions platform and enterprise framework enable companies to speed time to insight.

  • quicksurveys-screenshots-in-comp_tabletQuickSurveys™ - our real-time on-demand, digital insights platform – fully integrated with the community alongside millions of consumers. It guarantees at least 1,000 nationally representative survey responses within 21 markets in 24 hours or less, significantly shortening your time-to-insight, and true, actionable information.
  • Toluna Communities™ - including panel communities in your offering provides an opportunity to develop strategic partnerships with your clients. Increase your long-term margins and revenue and future-proof your relationships with those clients. Online panel communities broaden your research offering, going beyond ad hoc data collection.  Click here to learn about our Reseller program.
  • visualize-analyzeTolunaAnalytics™ - expedite your analysis with Toluna’s sophisticated, yet easy-to-use web-based data visualization and analytics tool. Receive actionable information on-demand, within moments of project launch, as data is populated in real-time. Make better recommendations quickly and easily, and share and report information faster than ever before.


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