Specialized Study Designs

As the leading provider of online survey solutions, count on Toluna to meet your survey needs. The following are a few examples of specialized study designs offered.

Attitude and Usage

Attitude and Usage

In addition to custom approaches, we’ve launched a DIY attitudinal product, PowerAttitudes.

PowerAttitudes provides a fully automated, in-depth analysis of your brand or product, including awareness, attitudes and usage. Results will highlight important KPIs and provide actionable insights based on consumer perception and usage of your brand or product.


A strategic positioning and communications tool.

PowerPosition provides insight on how you compare to key competitors on the things that matter most to your customers and prospects. You'll in turn develop a deeper understanding of what to emphasize in your marketing and your communications.


Attitudes Insights for your Brand or Product

PowerAttitudes provides a fully automated, in-depth analysis of your brand or product, including awareness, attitudes and usage. Results will highlight important KPIs and provide actionable insights based on consumer perception and usage of your brand or product.

Ad testing

Ad Testing

Study designs are created to ensure optimal approach be it monadic, paired, and/or sequential monadic approaches. This research can be applied to ad testing, concepts, and more.

We offer cutting edge approaches to exposing respondents to stimuli and gauging their reactions:

  • We ensure images and concepts are secure.
  • Cutting-edge survey designs enable us to provide images in 3d, and enable respondents to get an in-depth view of products being tested.

Brand Tracking

Brand Tracking

Track brand perception and awareness, all while leveraging real-time, yet trended data to make informed decisions about your brand.  Programs can be cross-sectional, or longitudinal - ideal for when long-term impacts are being measured.

Toluna has a team dedicated to servicing tracking studies, and providing recommendations on wave frequency, review frequency, and source, or methodology migration. Trackers can be intermittent, or continuous.




Clients can ascertain a consumers’ willingness to purchase products at certain price points, and which attributes are most desirable.

  • Pricing Determine what features a new product should have and how it should be priced.
  • Product development Focus product development on client needs.
  • Alternatives. Explore a customers’ response to alternative pricing strategies, specific price levels, and proposed price changes.

Toluna uses the Sawtooth platform to offer conjoint analyses including adaptive conjoint, as well as Choice based conjoint, and, in some cases, MaxDiff.

Customer Experience Measurement (cem) 

Customer Experience Measurement (CEM)

Gather in-store feedback from customers to gauge experience and willingness to repeat purchase.

Toluna's dedicated CEM team offers clients the ability to understand emerging customer needs, competitive threats, and best practices. Toluna is expert at designing programs that measure achievement against goals set.

Toluna offers store visitors multiple methods for response including IVR, online, and in-store mobile survey.  Customized continuous reporting tailored to information needs at each level of an organization, plus ad hoc query capabilities.

Diary Studies 

Diary Studies

Engage with respondents over time and test product usage, side effects and benefits experienced and more!

Toluna can execute studies online, or via mobile.

MobileDiary is an ideal way to ensure in-the-moment participation

  • Content Uploads: Encourage respondents to upload photos in combination with questions being answered or data entered.
  • UPC Scan: Capture UPC codes in stores and translate them into lookup numbers within the data.
  • Reminders: Remind your respondents to enter information when you need it.
  • Offline Surveys: Respondents can take surveys offline—data is automatically uploaded the next time they connect.
  • In-home-use testing (ihut) 

    In-Home-Use Testing (IHUT)

    Toluna’s highly engaged online community members are ideal for IHUT projects as they agree to participate over-time, are easily re-contacted for follow-up surveys and longer-term participation.

    media testing

    Media Testing

    Present media to respondents even during the initial stages of media development, or test recall upon exposure.

  • Ad testing - Studies are designed to ensure optimal output and can conduct moment-by-moment analysis using facial recognition testing, response dial, and more.
  • Ad recall and exposure – Toluna can leverage its panel and cookie based approaches to test online exposure and recall.
  • Toluna’s programming team conducts media tests in a secure environment that ensures confidentiality

    Multimind Omnibus

    Toluna MultiMind Omnibus™

    Access highly credible data quickly and at a low cost - globally.

    The Toluna Omnibus fields daily and enables clients to ask between 1 – 30 questions of a representative sample of 500 – 1,000 respondents (up to 5,000 respondents are possible in select markets).  Clients can include augments of specific targets of interest as needed. Data is delivered in a set of tables in excel or word. 

    The MultiMind Omnibus fields in the US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, India, Australia and China.


    • Executing concept tests, name tests, package tests (monadic method can be employed)
    • Use in the press - results are credible and projectable
    • Profiling demographics of a target
    • Identifying awareness, attitudes and usage
    • Locating hard-to-find, qualified households or individuals for follow-up research
    • Gauging satisfaction with a brand or ad campaign
    • Developing and piloting questions for other surveys

    "The Omnibus option is a life saver for us… Quick, easy, and responsive are 3 ways I would describe my experience with Toluna. In fact, I have so many Toluna people helping me, my biggest issue is which one to contact when I have a question since they are all so responsive, helpful and smart!”
    —  Joe Pilla, Mindshare USA

    Net promoter score

    Net Promoter Score

    Clients that are satisfied with your products often promote your services to their friends by conducting research to understand your net promoter score you can measure customer satisfaction and engagement more effectively.

  • Promoters
  • Passives
  • Detractors
  • package design

    Package Design

    Present your concepts to respondents even during the initial stages of product development.

    Toluna’s programming team can work with you to test package designs in a secure environment. Create 3D images, and more to ensure a realistic product presentation.
    price laddering

    Price Laddering

    Respondents are initially exposed to a single concept with a single price and intention to purchase is measured, as in a Monadic design approach.

    Those who express lower than desired purchase intent are asked to reconsider their view at successively lower prices.

    The number of levels tested can be in theory unlimited, but typically the process does not extend beyond a few additional price points. Further, additional respondents are typically included in subsequent tests as needed to eliminate respondent bias after being exposed to an initial price.
    Positioning Studies

    Positioning Studies

    A strategic positioning and communications tool.

    Our DIY tool, PowerPosition provides insight on how you compare to key competitors on the things that matter most to your customers and prospects. You'll in turn develop a deeper understanding of what to emphasize in your marketing and your communications.

    Regression Analysis

    Regression Analysis

    Regression analysis can be used to estimate the relationships among variables specifically with regard to sales forecasting.   Understand how dependant variables change (demand/sales) based on independent value changes (pricing/advertising) to make strategic decisions about sales that result.


    Create segments using pre-existing segmentation schemes, or count on Toluna to work with you on develop meaningful market segments to ensure marketing success. We can leverage third party data sources (Experian, etc) to create segments. We’ve leveraged research advanced tools, including social media scraping techniques to overlay psychographic segments.
    Simulated Shopping

    Simulated Shopping

    Understanding the ever-evolving shopping environment is critical to evaluating point-of-purchase decision-making and Toluna can provide;
    • A simulated shopping experience, virtual shelf set.
    • The ability to send respondents to stores and evaluating the experience in real-time using mobile surveys.
    • Virtual shopping exercises simulating the online shopping experience.
    Syndicated Data

    Syndicated Data

    Toluna can power your syndicated studies!  We’ve managed numerous syndicated research programs – with a laser focus on sample representativeness and consistency.

    SmartSelect – Our SmartSelect™ methodology reassures you that your respondents precisely match with your target—attitudinally, demographically, ensuring the results you obtain are of the highest quality and representative of the group you wish to survey. 



    PowerPosition, an automated survey tool that provides fast turnaround, high quality strategic positioning and communications insights to brands, research agencies, consulting companies and others.

    PowerPosition users identify their own brand or product, name three competitors, list ten key attributes to assess, and then target whom they want to interview. After those four easy steps, results and insights are available in real time, with most projects complete within a few hours.


    POWER A&U*


    PowerAttitudes is a fully-automated attitude and usage insights tool, enabling you to understand the strength of your brand/product's presence in the market and provides knowledge about market awareness, brand usage and attitudes toward your brand or product versus the competition.

    It’s never been easier to extend your insights, and more importantly, your budget.

    How It Works

    • Define your brand or product & identify up to 3 competitors
    • Enter product perceptions to be evaluated
    • List 10 key traits to be assessed for improvement opportunities
    • Create 10 usage statements
    • Identify your audience!

    Your work is done.

    PowerAttitudes takes it from there, building your survey and delivering you powerful insights within hours and at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research tools



    Count on Toluna's expert team.
    Toluna's expert programming team can execute virtually any type of survey you need on time and on budget.  Toluna surveys are fully featured and complex skip patterns, rotations and more are routine for us. 

    Below is a typical project field process. 

    • Kick off call - Each survey programming project begins with a kick-off call, and we confirm your project specs, ask you about image inclusion, languages included and more. 
    • Project testing and launch – Count on your project director to oversee the programming of your project, and testing prior to project field.  While in field, your project director will monitor your study’s progress.
    • Real-time access to data reporting and analysis tools - While your project is in field, in addition to frequent updates from your project management team, you’ll have access to your data in real-time, with TolunaAnalytics™.
    • Data delivery - Toluna will clean and validate data before project close. Count on us to identify missing or out-of-scope data, perform respondent quality checks, and merge benchmarks into data or tabulations. We'll also combine data from different sources, such as multiple waves, into a single, unified version.