Data Quality Approach

Global clients of all sizes and industries partner with Toluna as their all-in-one provider for actionable consumer insights because they know that we take proactive measures to ensure that we’ve taken an iron-clad approach to safeguarding their data.

Furthermore, the market research industry is especially susceptible to hacking (with the intention of gaming the system for an additional incentive, or rewards), and/or business abuse (with an intention of targeting businesses, and doing harm). “Bots” in particular have begun to pose new challenges, as they aim to complete surveys automatically, and we’ve seen them bypass tried and true data quality best practices.

As always, Toluna takes a sophisticated, leading edge approach to data quality, and security best practices.

Next Generation Threats are Preventable with a Next Generation Solution

Toluna is pleased to announce a partnership with CDNetworks, to use its Web Application Firewall (WAF). The CDNetworks WAF is an intelligent, multi-layered approach to data security. The cloud-based solution is a global, 24x7 industry-leading, next generation technology that is self-learning and self-evolving.

CDNetworks Cloud Security WAF provides the following defenses:

Spam and Abuse Protection: A set of rules to prevent spam and abuse of websites forms.

CMS Platforms Protection: A set of rules and tools to fortify popular web CMS systems.

Application DDoS Protection: Protection against attempts to knock down websites with layer-7, DDoS, such as HTTP-Get floods, Slow Loris, Rudy and others.

WAF (SQLi, XSS, and More):  A first layer of defense against hacking attempts such as SQL injections.

Cross Site Scripting (XSS): and others by both human and non-human (BOTS).

Reputation Firewall: Blocking Traffic from IPs known to be dangerous or malicious.

Screen Scraping Protection: Protects websites against screen scraping and bot crawling.

Behavioral WAF: Behavioral user risk assessment to block malicious bots and high-risk sessions. Blocks low-and-slow DDoS attacks, password brute-forcing, probing and attack planning by hackers and servers to add power and resilience to all other security layers to mitigate sophisticated attacks.

We leverage this solution across our registration practices, individual surveys, our on-site, activities, and third parties.

A Continued Focus on Real, Valid, De-Duplicated, Engaged and Representative Respondents
Toluna’s member recruitment practices focus on ensuring that all recruitment investment leads to quality respondents who participate in our online surveys. Respondents who are recruited into the Toluna community undergo a series of quality checks, and our goal is to ensure respondents are Real, Valid, De-Duplicated, Engaged and Representative. The following outlines the steps taken to ensure data quality.


Real – ensuring respondents are in fact ‘real’ people


GeoIP and postal-code-validation programs (For example, in the U.S. Melissa Data is a postal Address File (PAF) file used as a means of validation) ensure respondents provide information that is correct (ie individuals can’t provide an incorrect zip or postal code based on other address details given). 

Imperium’s Address Correct® is integrated with our survey systems and prevent individuals from participating in surveys unless valid postal addresses are used.

CAPTCHA is a program intended to distinguish human from machine input, which asks users to enter a unique, automatically generated confirmation code upon registration.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)  Toluna licenses this cloud-based service from CD Networks, and obtains protection against hacking, business abuse and malicious attacks (aka “bots”).  This protection is used upon member registration,, and individual surveys.


Valid – individuals are knowingly joining Toluna’s community, participating in surveys

Individuals must double opt-in and confirm membership by clicking on an emailed link upon completion of the Toluna enrollment survey.

Members must complete one survey to obtain full membership.

Imperium’s Verity® is a third party identity validation service used to confirm survey respondent’s name and address against third party databases to ensure identity.  This is coupled with TrueSample™’s validation process compares an individual’s name and address with third-party sources, including PAF, telephone directories, etc. 


De-Duplicated – individuals can’t take surveys more than once, knowingly, or unintentionally

Toluna’s proprietary Duplicate Respondent Detection™ is a cookie-based technology used during the member registration process to ensure there are no duplicate respondents within the community.

Imperium’s RelevantID™ is a third-party digital fingerprinting technology that prevents respondents from participating in surveys more than once intentionally or non-intentionally.

Additional de-duplication checks are used as a further measure to prevent duplication, Toluna uses technology to produce a proprietary matching algorithm to flag similarities of new registrants with existing members. 


Toluna ensures engagement and representativeness on an ongoing basis by leveraging best-practices approaches for straight lining, red-herring implementation, and more.

Client Satisfaction: 98%

After each project, Toluna launches automatically a survey to measure the client satisfaction. Each answer is analyzed and leads to an improved process if needed.

With an unique combination of innovative technology, online expertise and reactive teams, 98% of Toluna Clients are globally satisfied in 2015, with detailed satisfaction for Quality and Timelines of Sampling, Programming, Data Processing or Project Management over 95% or 96% (3979 respondents).





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