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What Brands Need to Know About Virtual Assistants
Learn how consumers are using Virtual Assistants to shop, consume media and m
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
Toluna surveyed consumers in the UK to find out how brands resonate with Snapchat
What Brands Need to Know About Snapchat
Toluna surveyed consumers in the US to find out how brands resonate with Snapchat
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Think you know today’s shopper? Think again.
We’ve recently conducted a study of UK respondents to delve into the various types of shoppers in the UK and what drives them to shop, and what motivates them to try something new.
Retail innovation: are Americans and Europeans so di fferent?
This survey was fielded to 9041 respondents in the US and Europe and compares how consumers react to a list of 16 key innovations in retail.
2016 Naughty or Nice Cliper
Toluna Quicksurveys Reveals Annual 2016 Naughty & Nice Behaviors List
Toluna Quicksurveys Reveals Annual 2016 Naughty & Nice Behaviors List. This year in review reveals new naughty behaviors like ghost dating, stealing a political sign off someone else's yard and using kids as an excuse!
Is Black Friday Bombing?
Shoppers in the UK are becoming more sceptical of sales and saying they respect brands that don’t get involved in events like Black Friday. IMRG and Toluna partnered to delve into how holiday shopping has changed as we approach another Xmas peak.
Catch-22 of Targeted Advertising
Brands must find a way to navigate contradictory consumer views on the usage of data and targeted advertising according to a M&M Global study partnered with Toluna for a survey of 1,502 internet users across the US, UK and China.
The Rio 2016 Olympic Games
We surveyed 1000 respondents in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Australia, China and Japan about their plans to watch the 2016 Olympics using Toluna QuickSurveys. Here’s what we found.
2016 Millennials Media Consumption Survey
The way millennials consume media, and emerging digital methods of consuming media, are forcing advertisers to try a different approach.
TolunaTopics: How to Succeed in (Small) Business
Small businesses in the UK need better online presence to succeed with customers.
TolunaTopics: Different Strokes for Different Folks
Consumers prefer different channels for browsing and purchasing, according to a latest survey about consumer shopping habits in the US and UK.
TolunaTopics: Online Shopping for Fashion
With fashion becoming ever so important amongst the general population, Toluna ran a live QuickSurvey about online fashion shopping during the IMRG Fashion Connect Conference on 11th February 2016. The survey consisted of 500 respondents in the UK.
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TolunaTopics: Global Risks
The World Economic Forum recently published a new issue of the Global Risks Report. Toluna asked members about perceived risks and ran a survey in Australia, India, Italy, Singapore, US and UK.
TolunaTopics: Online shopping supersedes the Shopping Centre
‘Click to collect’ starting to change the face of retail. UK consumers are increasingly opting to shop online rather than in-store, connected retail adoption provides hope for retail.
TolunaTopics: Using Mobile Phone as Camera
Toluna asks respondents in France, Germany, Italy, Singapore and the U.S. about using mobile phone as primary camera.
TolunaTopics: Yoga Practice
Toluna asks panelists in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, Spain and UK about their yoga practice.
World Blood Donor Day is celebrated on 14 June. Toluna asks panelists in Australia, Italy, Singapore and Spain about blood donation.
Spring Break Travel_Thumb
Spring (Break) is in the Air
A Spotlight on Today's Spring Breaker in the UK
Digital Addiction to Technology and Media Consumption and what it means for Marketers
People are using their smartphones more and more often, and a love hate relationship is developing into addiction and behaviour changes. We undertook a study to better understand resulting changes in media consumption.
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Media Usage: A Digital Addiction
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TolunaTopics: Maintaining Health and Wellness
Taking measures to maintain a healthy lifestyle in a connected society.
TolunaTopics: Google Glass
Google Glass: A global survey about wearable technology
TolunaTopics: The Multi-Screen Landscape
Rise of smartphone addiction leads to love-hate relationship for consumers.
TolunaTopics: The Internet of Things
Women in the UK are more likely to embrace connected living than men. Living with the “Internet of Things” (or IoT), a survey about global connected living.

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