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Insight on Demand

The old way of conducting market research is no longer viable in today's world where marketing and advertising professionals need to execute campaigns at 10x the speed as they were done in the past. We see the need not simply for the incremental improvement of market research or data collection - but a new way of obtaining insight - enter an entirely new business practice - Insights on Demand™.

Insights on Demand™ is a transformational market category based on business needs for fully integrated approaches to understanding constantly shifting consumer sentiment and taste. This democratized vision for market research makes insights into consumer intent accessible and achievable for all business professionals in companies of all sizes. Insights on Demand™ promotes the tight integration between technology and companies to provide iterative real-time insights that reflect constantly shifting market sentiment.

We’ve created a multi-lateral industry group – comprised of individuals and companies from all industries, whether CPG or high-tech or advertising or market research – that are committed to evolving, refining, and promoting the principles of Insights on Demand (IoD), a concept which promotes the tight integration between technology and companies to provide real-time insights to organizations – no matter their size, or timeliness of need. The consortium will focus on game-changing strategies, disruptive technology, and general education through online communities, webinars, thought leadership, and conferences.

If you’d like to learn more about the Consortium, or have questions about Insights on Demand, please email us at

Toluna Announces Insights on Demand to Transform Future of Market Research Industry
2017年09 November