Data Quality

Toluna provides data you can trust and we take a multi-pronged approach to data integrity.

We provide real, valid, de-duplicated, engaged and representative respondents. Toluna’s member recruitment practices focus on ensuring that all recruitment investment leads to quality respondents who participate in our online surveys. First, we utilize industry leading, e-commerce security to exclude bots and validate the identity of every respondent.


Further we actively partner with clients to identify opportunities to curb fraud and increase data integrity.

Most recently, we developed a survey design feature that all but eliminates overstated and false brand awareness. The approach was piloted across 108 brands in 15 countries and is now a standard offering.

Finally, we review respondent-level data within the context of the survey. Toluna performs a complete, end-to-end validation on every data file we deliver. Closed and open-end data is reviewed for fraudulent, inattentive or out of context responses, questionable respondents are removed and replaced prior to delivery.



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