Simplify your buying process, operate more efficiently, win more business.

Toluna’s SampleXpress is a fully automated sampling tool that gives researchers the power to price, assess feasibility and then launch a project in minutes. Simple and intuitive to use, researchers have a 24/7 tool that covers all of their sampling needs.

55% of market research firms are using automation for their sampling purchases as per the GRIT report 2016.  Toluna works with the industry’s largest MR firms to provide automation solutions.

Gain Competitive Advantage

  • Reduce fieldwork by launching quickly and using our unique “rush” mode.
  • React quickly, no need to wait for quotes, simply check feasibility & pricing – ensure you’re the first bid.

Increase Efficiency

  • Streamline your buying process, no need for proposals from multiple vendors.
  • Reduce operational expenditure by increasing productivity.
  • Reduced errors, increased control.

Increase Employee Effectiveness

  • Re-energize employees - by automating low to medium complexity projects, employees can focus on higher value/more complex work.
  • Staff retention – reduce repetitive fatigue of setting up projects & fieldwork.

Improve Quality

  • 24/7 Support teams monitor projects while in field.
  • Respondent quality.


  • Fully Automated, DIY Sampling Tool – API Integration
  • Assess feasibility, pricing and launch in < 15 minutes
  • Access to global respondents – 39 markets
  • Target niche respondents, 200 profile points to choose from
  • Full-transparency on fieldwork, real-time reporting
  • Manage all aspects of your project from start to finish
  • 24x7 Support team monitoring in real-time

TolunaInsights is an on-demand, automated consumer insights platform that underpins everything we offer, from our community to our expertise, and yields rich, reliable insights in real time.  Access sample, surveys, communities and analytics On-Demand, in a managed, or engineered capacity.



“We don’t need a more in-depth management approach - we’re well-versed in DIY tools. The key drivers for change were cost savings, representative sample, and increased efficiency. Toluna SampleXpress gives us exactly that.”
 David VanAmburg, Director - ACSI