• Our white-label version of PanelPortal takes the pulse of retail credit-card holders," said Erin Kennedy of Alliance Data. "Our retail clients are very pleased to get up-to-date information on how consumers feel about private-label credit cards, loyalty programs and more. We selected Toluna’s PanelPortal Branded Community product because it is highly customizable, but have continued our relationship based on the level of service Toluna provides. They match our needs exactly. It's a pleasure to work with their team.
  • I love working with Toluna because they have the right team and expertise in place to make everything we do turn key. They are true partners in our business and understand and anticipate our needs.
    Maria Sigmund, Director, Sleep Innovations
  • Using Toluna, we’ve had as many as 13,000 responses to our quick polls—in just a few days—which makes all the difference to our campaigns.
  • Toluna enhances our ability to align our research tactics closely with our clients' goals and objectives by engaging panelists in activities that are both substantive and fun.
    Senior VP, Client Solutions, CMI
  • Toluna’s PanelPortal platform has changed our job. The automatization of numerous tasks enables us to save valuable time and focus on further projects.
    Valérie Blanchard Pradere, Head of European Consumer Panel, Givaudan
Online Tent Communities
Product/Service: PanelPortal Online Communities
Client: CMI for Retail Clients
Ongoing Customer Engagement
Product/Service: PanelPortal Online Communities
Client: Brass for Royal Mail
Segmented Customer Feedback
Product/Service: PanelPortal Online Communities
Client: Sleep Innovations
Research of Low-Incidence Groups - Cancer Sufferers Online Community
Product/Service: Toluna's Healthcare Practice / PanelPortal Online Communities
Client: Macmillan
Using Fans and Friends for Feedback
Product/Service: PanelPortal Online Communities
Client: University of Northampton
Improving your "Access Panel" Community
Product/Service: PanelPortal Online Communities
Client: Acosta Sales & Marketing

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