As a leading all-in-one global source for actionable insights, we help market researchers, insights professionals and companies anywhere in the world make clearer and better business decisions that drive better business results.  

Toluna's digital solutions platform and enterprise framework enable many of the industry's largest, and most well-respected companies to automate their research process, and speed time to insight. Toluna's offerings are mobile-optimized both for the respondent and user alike. APIs are available to ensure full integration and automation.

Toluna Technology and Product Suite

Automate your research program and receive immediate insight.

Toluna's digital solutions platform and enterprise framework.  Mobile-optimized both for the respondent and user alike.  API available to ensure full integration.

To reach a targeted audience to help answer critical marketing questions to transform your strategy.
On-demand access to 13m+ global consumers through Toluna’s global community.
A sounding board for brainstorming new, innovative ideas.
An intuitive survey scripting platform to help you ask the right questions.
A way to proactively identify market shifts based on consumer feedback to shorten the development cycle.
A fully-automated concept testing tool, enabling you to test multiple concepts at once and bring you from ideation to understanding in hours.
An easy, fast way to interpret your data into actionable, reliable insights.
Data delivery in real-time and on a comprehensive reporting and data visualization platform.

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