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The real-time answers you require from the right people. Millions of them worldwide.

Toluna has set the new standard “Real-Time Research.” We help companies anywhere in the world make clearer business decisions by bringing brands and people together via the world’s largest social voting community of millions and real-time research platform.  The community enables companies to brainstorm ideas, uncover new business opportunities and answer their questions in real time. 

Our unique, cross channel approach to member engagement provides real-time access to deeper respondent insight. Our community is well-profiled, and active. They are loyal, trustworthy and completely candid. We reach survey respondents across the globe and engage with them when and how they want. And when and how you want - in Real-Time.


Millions of respondents in 59 countries accessible for your survey research

Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.
Through our mobile and online channels, we can reach virtually anyone, anytime, across the globe or in your own social media network. Survey topics are limitless: from automotive, to healthcare, to video gaming and more:

Targeted Healthcare Respondents
Access targeted healthcare respondents, including healthcare professionals and ailment sufferers, all in one place with Toluna's one-of-a-kind community approach to panel management and recruitment. Learn more about our reach and download our panel book for detailed information about our consumer and professional communities.

Find your precise target, on time and on budget.
Count on Toluna to deliver!  Toluna can deliver the survey respondents you need on-time and within budget from a single respondent group in one market, to a large multi-national respondent-base.  You can expect a Toluna project manager to confirm your project details with a kick-off call that, confirms; countries in which the survey is to be fielded, expected incidence rate, length of interview and more.  Our dedicated team will manage your project and ensure you receive the completed interviews you need, when you need them, and provide you access to real-time reporting for full project visibility.

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Getting the best sample is what you do.  Helping you do it better, faster, and more efficiently is what SampleXpress can do for you.

With SampleXpress, our new self-serve sampling engine, you reach the right people 24/7/365. You can initiate a project without having to send an e-mail or pick up the phone. And SampleXpress works like an extension of your own in-house team, letting you launch, refine and re-launch projects at the touch of a button:

  • Define your sample, estimate price and feasibility and launch projects in minutes.
  • More effectively manage supply and sampling decisions with the ability to change suppliers and modify specs in real-time. 
  • Monitor fieldwork progress by supplier, quota subgroups and more.

SampleXpress is ideal for projects that range in size and scope from a single geographic market and to a more complicated, multi-country survey with multiple languages and highly specialized respondents. 

It's empowerment made easy - efficiency delivered.

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