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First and Leading End-to-End Automated Research Platform/Digital Products

Toluna has been a proven innovator and provider of technology solutions to the market research industry since 2000, and we continue to innovate – it’s part of our corporate DNA. In addition to realizing that market research is becoming democratized, we understand that research needs to be ‘real-time’ in order to be effective. Finally, Toluna’s technology tools and products deliver lower operational costs and sustainable productivity through automation and digitalization while innovating to support new methods for obtaining insight - we offer automated sampling, survey, community, and analytics tools that can be used DIY, or full service, in addition to new and innovative product solutions including Digital Tracking.

  • Apply automation and save – consider implementing automated research solutions, and expedite your time to market.
  • Leverage new and innovative insight solutions – from communities to digital tracking, consider using Toluna to obtain new insight from the groups that matter most.
  • DIY or enterprise – our solutions empower clients use us when they’re short on time, or need us to manage their projects for them and anywhere in between.